Scream movies ranked from worst to best

“What’s your favorite scary movie?”. Ghostface is back and this time things are different. Scream has officially hit theaters and has become an instant hit with both critics and audiences. This franchise has had five movie episodes as well as a TV series and has continued to grow since 1996. If you have not seen Scream movies, there are spoilers ahead.

Scream 3

The last part of the original trilogy may have raised $ 161 million at the box office, but fell head over heels for the fans. Scream 3 takes place three years later Scream 2 and follows where Sidney has locked herself in, working for a women’s helpline and refusing to return to Woodsboro. Scream 3 is not a bad movie by any means, but is quite forgettable and often far out. The duo Courtney Cox and Parker Posey provide great comic relief, but the new characters are poorly written. They have no bearing on the plot and they are to be forgotten. The deadly revelation of Scott Foley’s novel mixed with the twist of being Sidney’s brother is interesting, but sticks holes in the plot of the original film. Overall, Scream 3 is not a bad movie but does not add more to the franchise.


For eleven years, fans wondered if they would ever get a fourth Scream movie? In 2011, they got their wish. Despite her trauma, Sidney returns to Woodsboro to promote her book Out of the darkness. But the story seems to repeat itself when a new killer terrorizes the residents of Woodsboro. Scre4m is a fine re-introduction to the franchise. Neve Campbell brings everything to reprise Sidney for this film. The new characters like Jill and Kirby are great additions to the story. The killer revelation was evident at the time. The killings were motivated by an obsession with fame and reality TV, which feels a bit too MTV. Scre4m is a great addition to the franchise, but feels more like a direct-to-DVD movie than a horror blockbuster.

Scream 2

The first Scream the film was so successful that they could not make a sequel. Scream 2 follows Sidney in college, living in the wake of the release of Dagger and participates in its own successor. Although it does not live up to the original, Scream 2 is a strong sequel that advances the story instead of subscribing to the same old clichés. Randy’s death was a surprise that really showed that no one was safe. The murderous revelation of Mrs. Loomis and Mickey Alteri looked like the original, but not identical. Timothy Olyphant mimics everything Matthew Lillard did in the original, and Laurie Metcalfe leads the attack. Scream 2 takes the franchise further, but not exactly to the next level.

Scream (2022)

It is rare for a film to have such a legacy that it can return twenty-six years later. The latest rate in Scream franchise sees Ghostface return, but this time nothing is illegal. This movie restarts the franchise and does a great job of doing it. The new characters are so perfectly written and crafted that they do not feel like copycats of the originals. The film pays tribute to the late Wes Craven, who died in 2015. The inherited actors all return, and seeing them on screen is a feeling of the same feeling as seeing three Spider-Mans in one film. Scream feels closest to the original with many call outs, but is by no means a remake.

Scream (1996)

To quote Sidney in Scre4m, “Do not fuck with the original”. Scream follows Sidney Prescott, who mourns the loss of her mother after a year and is terrorized by a serial killer in a ghost mask. Scream defies the rules of a slasher movie. It takes the clichés from a horror movie and uses them to its advantage to make a comment. The film is scary, while at the same time being self-conscious. The performances of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox & David Arquette are unforgettable and provide some of the most iconic moments in cinema. The film used its marketing to fool its audience by killing Casey Becker (Drew Barrymore) in the first scene after insinuating that she was the main character. Scream had iconic death scenes and the incredible revelation of Billy and Stu as the killers. Scream changed thriller and cinema, and that’s why it’s the best in the franchise.

Through five film episodes, Ghostface has proven that he is a horror icon and Sidney is a legendary last girl. Scream continues to shock the audience and manage the box office, twenty-six years after its debut. Fans will really die for this rate and will not answer their phones for several days.

Scream is in the cinema now.

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