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September 27, 2021 – The Mercury News

“My partner is always fair and reasonable,” reads a fan email. “He approaches any problem with an open mouth. If I hesitate, or do what he regards as silly, I hear about it. ”

As of today’s north, my fan opened a club and bid 1NT over his partner’s one-spade answer. South then jumped to four spades.

West led a heart: three, king, ace. My partner brought a diamond to the dummy, let the trumpet stick ride, struck a diamond and led the AQ of trumps. East won and gave a heart back, and West took ten and queen. The finesse of the club later lost: down one. ”


“My partner fried me for my 1NT bid with a singleton spade. Was my bid so bad? ”

North’s bid was fine. In addition, the South could have packed up four shovels. After the jack of trumps wins, South can rough one diamond and reach the dummy with high clubs to rough two more diamonds. He has won eight tricks, and when he leaves with a club or a heart, the defense can not stop him from scoring his AQ with trumps to two more.


You hold: SAQ 10 9 6 3 HAJ 9 DQC 7 5 2. You open a spade, your partner responds two hearts, you rebuild two spades, and he bids 3NT. What do you say?

ANSWER: Partners’ two hearts promised a five-card or longer suit. He would never be required to answer two hearts on a four-card suit. He would always have an opportunity, even a temporary reaction in a three-card minor. Give four hearts. Some players would have raised the partner’s two hearts to three.

North dealer

NS vulnerable



H 7 6 4 3

DA 8 7 2



S 8 2

HQ 10 8 5

DK 10 9 6 4

C 9 4


DA 7 5 4

HK 2

DJ 5 3

CQ 10 8 6


SAQ 10 9 6 3



C 7 5 2

Northeast Southwest
1 C Pass 1 S Pass
1 NT Pass 4 S All Pass

Opening cable – H 5

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