Shang-Chi vs. Iron Fist: Who would win a cartoon match

When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Shang-Chi and Iron fist are two of Marvel’s most talented fighters. Both spent years honing their fighting skills to become legendary warriors, and their adventures as superheroes have only strengthened each of them as martial artists. Over time, Danny Rand and Shang-Chi have proven that they are both prepared for almost any match, but if the two were lined up against each other, then who would come out on top?

First published in the 1973s Special Marvel Edition # 15 by Steve Englehart, Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom and Tom Orzechowski, Shang-Chi has only recently seen an increase in popularity thanks to his introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Born of a ruthless criminal named Zheng Zu, Shang-Chi was trained to become a living weapon and eventually take his father’s place as leader of the vicious Five Weapons Society. As he grew, he acquired skills in various forms of martial arts, and from an early age, his fighting skills were already second to none. In time, he decided not to work as a hired killer for his father and instead continued to use the lessons he had learned throughout his childhood as a hero.


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The power of Iron Fist has been inherited by many heroes throughout Marvel’s history, but fans are most familiar with its current user, Danny Rand. Debuts in Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, Dick Giordano, Glynis Wein and LP Gregory’s Marvel Premiere # 15 back in 1974, Danny Rand was brought to the mysterious city of K’un-Lun at the age of nine, following the tragic death of his parents. There he spent years training in several martial arts before finally getting the chance to claim the power of Iron Fist. To do this, Danny had to defeat a mighty dragon called Shou-Lao the Immortal, and although the battle almost cost him his life, he came out victorious. Would he do just as well against Shang-Chi’s power?

Marvel’s most talented martial artists

Although Shang-Chi prefers to take part in battles unarmed, he is also adept at using a wealth of weapons, making it just as likely that he will win a sword fight as he is a fist fight. Through continued meditation and training, he has remained in top physical condition, has developed elevated reflexes and has total control over his body. This means that despite having no real superpowers, Shang-Chi is able to perform almost superhuman feats with strength, speed, endurance and more; allows him to withstand opponents with improved abilities, which will include Iron Fist.

With the power of Iron Fist, Danny can channel his spiritual energy, or chi, into a variety of purposes. His most famous ability allows him to focus his power in his hand and deliver devastatingly powerful blows, but he can also increase his speed, his senses, his endurance and more beyond human limitations. He has even used his powers to heal himself and others on more than one occasion, as well as to show some minor psychic abilities. Overall, Danny Rand is a force to be reckoned with, but against Shang-Chi his abilities would definitely be put to the test.

History of Shang-Chi and Iron Fists

Both Iron Fist and Shang-Chi have crossed their paths frequently over the last few decades, and they have even fought against each other before. In Ed Brisson, Mike Perkins, Andy Troy and Travis Lanham’s Iron Fist # 7, Shang-Chi ends up being mind controlled by a villain known as the Seer, and he spends most of the problem trying to kill Danny. In the end, Iron Fist is able to break the Viewer’s dominance over Shang-Chi and end their fights in a stalemate, but it has become clear that they can each hold their stand against each other. With no clear winner crowned in this battle, however, readers are left to consider who is actually the better fighter. Fortunately, Marvel has an answer to that question.

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Thanks to Power Grid, a tool that officially ranks the powers and abilities of Marvel’s many characters, it has been confirmed that Shang-Chi is a better fighter than Danny Rand. While Danny’s fighting skills give him an impressive rank of six on this scale, Shang-Chi manages to raise the iron fist with the highest possible score of seven. Clearly, Iron Fist is a competent combatant, but Shang-Chi is on a whole different level, and Marvel is not pale in pointing it out. Several other famous heroes have called out Shang-Chi’s expertise as a martial artist, and the Black Panther even claims that Shang-Chi shows more talent than Danny. Without seeing the two heroes actually show their skills against each other, it’s hard to say for sure that Shang-Chi has outperformed Iron Fist, but T’Challa is a pretty reliable resource when it comes to judging the abilities of others. heroes.

Iron Fist would give Shang-Chi a run for its money

Of course, Iron Fist’s powers must also be considered in this matchup, as he can achieve some destructive results by exploiting his reserves. Unfortunately for Danny, a fight with Shang-Chi would probably force him to use his chi just to keep up with his opponent, as opposed to channeling it into a few devastating blows. After all, as the better-trained fighter of the two, Shang-Chi can adapt to virtually any fighting style Danny uses, allowing him to counter almost any attack Iron Fist would make. Of course, Danny could get a lucky stroke in somewhere, but given Shang-Chi’s finesse through all his years of training, he’s more likely to wear his opponent down eventually with a series of lighter, faster strokes.

Although it seems that the power of Iron Fist would give Danny an advantage in this fight, it would probably only delay his inevitable defeat. His abilities would certainly keep him in the fight for longer, but against Shang-Chi he would have to rely too much on them and would eventually start making more and more sloppy mistakes as the fight raged on. Ultimately, Shang-Chi has the sheer fighting ability to overcome Iron fist, but Danny Rand’s efforts would make him a worthy opponent.

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