Shang-Chi’s barber-fist actor wants to fight MCU’s Wolverine

Shang-Chi’s Florian Munteanu wants to see Razor Fist fight Wolverine in a future MCU project and dig deeper into the emotional side of his character.

Razor Fist actor Florian Munteanu from Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings recently discussed where he would like to see his character go in a sequel and his desire to fight the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Wolverine. The German-Romanian actor, who made a name for himself as a heavyweight boxer, made the transition to acting in Creed 2, where he played son of Ivan Drago. Now he has become part of Hollywood’s biggest franchise, as his character Razor Fist was much talked about in Shang-Chi earlier this year.

Munteanu’s Razor Fist was a fun cartoon addition to Shang-Chi, as the character’s sword arm made him an entertaining goon for Simu Liu’s character to fight. Razor Fist was crucial to the phenomenal bush fight sequence in the film’s opening act, and each of his subsequent appearances in the film established the character as a formidable henchman who worked for Wenwu. The film ends with Razor Fist alive and still in the best of health at the Ten Rings complex, but now he works for Shang-chi’s sister Xialing, who took over the organization after his father.


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In a new interview with CBM, Munteanu was asked what he would like to see happen to the character in one Shang-Chi successor. The actor said he thinks there are many stories to tell with the character and that he would like to dig deeper into the emotional side of Razor Fist. He also expresses a desire to see the character cross paths and knock it out with Wolverine. His full answer is:

“Oh, that’s a difficult question. It’s a difficult question, bro. First of all, I’m not giving too much away with this, it’s that I feel like I want to show the emotional side of Razor Fist. I feel that there is a lot behind the mask, behind the physique, it is a guy who has a lot of heart and who certainly has a background story that is interesting to tell, so I will go in depth with that and show that he is more than just a soldier, even though we see values ‚Äč‚Äčlike loyalty, he sticks with Wenwu until he realizes he has no choice but to join the other party so they come out alive. there, I feel the family is very important to him and the ten rings became his family, so it would be interesting to see how he got there and what was the whole story around it, how he lost his arm.

There’s so much to tell with this character, as you know, in the comics, he has two magazines and a beautiful matchup, and fans send me stuff from the comics where Razor Fist actually meets Wolverine, which I think would be a cool matchup, blade against blade. It sounds great to me, so I feel there is a lot of potential. “

A battle-scarred Wolverine revealed and carried his claws in Marvel Comics.

At this point, neither Wolverine nor Razor Fist’s future in MCU is known. As mentioned above, Razor Fist is still working for the ten rings during Xialing, so he could possibly appear in a Disney + show or Shang-Chi 2. Marvel is working on introducing the X-Men to MCU, but even when that happens, there is no telling whether Wolverine will be included. Hugh Jackman is synonymous with the character, so the studio will no doubt have trouble finding a replacement for him. For that reason, the X-Men may need to be fully established in the MCU before Wolverine is introduced.

Although Razor Fist was not the most crucial character in the overall story of Shang-Chi, he is a character who is ripe for more exploration in a sequel or TV show. Exploring more of the Ten Rings organization could be a good idea for a Disney + miniseries that could also devote an entire episode to Razor Fist. ONE Shang-Chi deleted scene recently revealed that the character was going to die in the movie, so it suggests that Marvel may have plans for Razor Fist in future MCU projects.

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Source: CBM

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