Shooter who killed Jessica Covington, pregnant woman shot after baby shows, was ‘domestic in nature’: Sources – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Sources have told CBS3 that the shooting Saturday night that killed a 32-year-old pregnant woman was “domestic.” These sources identified the victim as Jessica Covington from Palmetto Street.

The shooting happened just after 8:30 p.m. Saturday outside Covington’s home when the expectant mother unloaded gifts from her baby shows. Philadelphia police said she was shot in the head and abdomen, killing her and her unborn child.

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Authorities said at least 11 gunshot wounds were to her abdomen.

“The killings are getting worse, it looks like we’re under siege here, we’re under siege here,” Deputy Police Commissioner Christine Coulter told CBS3 on Saturday night.

The killing comes as Philadelphia moves toward a new homicide record; from Sunday there has been 496 killings so far in 2021. That is an increase of 13% from 2020.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw issued a statement on the city’s growing number of homicides on Sunday night. She said in part:

“This heinous crime has sent shock waves across the country and also highlights the conscious lack of consideration we see for humanity. And worse, all of this comes at a time when we are approaching another gloomy milestone. Soon we will reach, and almost certainly surpass, 500 killings in our beautiful city.

“This unscrupulous loss of life is almost too much to bear. In itself, 500 shortened lives is a staggering number. But regardless of the final total, what this number can never really show is the thousands of other lives affected by sudden and tragic losses.

“The Philadelphia Police Department will continue to work with our local, state and federal partners and other stakeholders to address the violent crime plaguing our beautiful community. We remain committed to proactively patrolling neighborhoods and encouraging community members to work with the police.We can not regret what has already been done, but we will continue to pursue any and all information that will bring justice and close to every victim and their families.I urge everyone with information to ask up and share this information with the police.The lost lives are not unique to one neighborhood or part of this city – it is over time that everyone comes together to be the catalyst for change in our society.

“I would also be forgiving if I did not mention that despite these shocking realities, our city has also set its best footing this weekend. Between several demonstrations, as well as the annual Philadelphia Marathon, large, mobile crowds were present in our community all weekend.Unfortunately, the PPD was well prepared for these gatherings and we were able to facilitate these events without incident.I would like to thank our officers for their hard work for long hours and for everyone who participated in these demonstrations to make it peaceful. ”

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Police Commissioner Outlaw also said she is happy that there is a reward of $ 50,000 in the case.

Coulter described the focus of violence shifting, saying: “It seems to be a turnaround in the tide, years ago it was very very rare to hear about a woman being shot and now it seems to be more and more common.”

“We need to start gathering because the shooters are coming together,” said activist Brandon Chastang. “They kill innocent women, men, children and each other.”

No one has been arrested in Saturday’s deadly shooting.

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CBS3’s Wakisha Bailey, Joe Holden, and Jasmine Payoute contributed to this report.


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