Shoppers who take advantage of Black Friday deals in Ottawa

OTTAWA – Shoppers rushed to the stores in Ottawa on Black Friday in hopes of getting the best deals of the year heading into Christmas.

Some have even come from other countries for these sales, such as Elizabeth Elnakla, who is here from Scotland and visiting her daughter Reem Almaqla.

Elnakla is what you might call a Black Friday novice.

“This is my first Black Friday. I’m super excited, it’s so busy,” says Elnakla.

She seeks to grab all the offers she can before heading home in three days.

“When I shop at home, I live in a small town called Dundee, and it’s not very big,” says Elnakla. “So shopping is never crazy. It’s pretty quiet.”

Last year, many were stuck doing their Black Friday and Boxing Day shopping online. This year back to the personal bustle.

Tanger Outlets

“We missed Black Friday last year,” says Almaqla, who wanted to show her mother what Black Friday was all about. “I just want her to go through this experience. To see how Black Friday is here.”

Tanger Outlets in Kanata was packed for Black Friday sales all week, but nothing like today.

“There’s nothing like a good sale, right? We all love the deal,” says shopper Josie Mousseau. “It’s just nice to be outside in the fresh air. At least you get a little escape with your mask. You can take it off once in a while, while you really can not when you’re confined to a mall. “

Monika Mehl describes the amazing deal she got on a Michael Kors purse.

“I got it for 70 percent off, and then another 15 percent off. And because everything was over $ 300, I got another 10 percent off.”

The shops in Tangier opened at 7 o’clock on Friday. Maria Argyriou left Montreal at 5 in the morning to make sure she arrived on time.

“We went to all the sports shops and they pretty much all have 50 percent off,” Argyriou says.

Montreal is known for its shopping opportunities, but she wanted to try her luck in Ottawa.

“There are a lot of people [in Montreal]. There are fewer people here and we can get better deals, “says Argyriou.

With lineups in dozens of stores, shoppers stood in line for up to 30 minutes, braving the rain and the cold to get deals that were only available once a year.

All day, bags of goods flew down from the shelves. And with supply chain problems this year, many of these customers know that once it’s gone, it’s gone.

“So you’d better get your purchases done tax,” laughs Mousseau.


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