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Shuma-Gorath: Marvel Comics monster, video game icon and next big MCU villain?

Fans of classic Marvel video games got a little excited in the first episode of Disney Plus’ MCU animated streaming program What if …? thanks to the appearance of a villain who, although unnamed, looked a lot like a cult favorite Doctor Strange villain Shuma-Gorath.

In the climax of the episode, Super Soldier Captain (Peggy) Carter faces an alien threat summoned by Hydra in the form of a mass of twisting tentacles coming through a cosmic portal. Although the creature is not named in the episode, viewers noticed its resemblance to Shuma-Gorath, a Marvel Comics villain dating back to the ’70s who came to the forefront of pop culture thanks to his participation in several beloved Marvel video games.

image of Shuma-Gorath

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Although we may only have seen his tentacles creep into MCU, we will take every opportunity to talk about Shuma -Gorath, one of the strangest characters Marvel has ever given a multimedia push – and with his potential connection to rumors around Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, the older evil may become more relevant than ever.

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