Sky: Children of the Light – A breathtaking adventure in the sky

Sky: Children of the Light is a breathtaking sequel to the gaming company’s previous hit title, Journey. You know that this game has something special at stake the moment you install it. It is a mmorpg in the sky among floating islands. You get a set of wings and you have to hover between these islands, free spirits, restore fallen stars to their rightful places in the constellations and make friends by spreading the light of friendship. This game is so healthy that it can make you sick.

Sky: Children of the Light Gameplay

The game claims that more than half of the experience is healthy, and that’s true. You absolutely need a pair of good headphones, because the sound design sets the stage and pulls at your heartstrings at just the right time. Then there are the environments and these are just amazing. There are seven celestial islands for now, and the whole world is just a pleasure to soar around in, even if you are not actually accomplishing anything. There are some deep mysteries on these islands to unlock, and even a dark side that you can only explore when teaming up with friends, which you must do by simply hanging out near the benches in common areas , or what serves as the city in the world of the Cloud. Every single thing that we take for granted in such games has a unique and surprisingly logical interpretation, a whole new way of doing things that actually works. For example, no one has an unrefined username hovering over their head. Instead, when you get a friend, you can give them the name you like! The story is completely mysterious, with not too many things explicitly explained. Operation is simple, joystick on the left and wings / camera on the right. There are contextual buttons and actions that appear depending on the objects you interact with, which can be candles, shrines, bonfires, other players, or NPCs.

The children of heaven of light

Sky: Children of the Light Verdict

The sky is simply beautiful. The characters move with the same elegant grace as their cloaks fluttering behind them. Those who have played previous titles by that gaming company can expect the gameplay experience to be calm, magical and uplifting, similar to their previous titles, Flow, Journey or Flower. This is a deep and satisfying title, one that rewards selflessness, empathy, compassion and kindness, accompanied by images and sounds that encourage you to be the best version of yourself.

Score: 8.5 / 10


Publisher: thatgamecompany inc
Developer: thatgamecompany inc
Platform: Android and iOS

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