SNL Parodies Bel-Air Trailer With Gritty Urkel Reboot Sketch

A new SNL parody trailer is based on the upcoming Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot to introduce the rough side of the only Steve Urkel.

Long-running comedy sketch series, SNLhas parodied the coming Fresh Prince of Bel-Air recreate, Bel Air, with a rough version of Jaleel White’s Steve Urkel character. Known through the 1990s as the world’s most annoying neighbor in Warner Bros. sitcom, Family mattersUrkel came to define the whole series, largely due to his ridiculously high trousers, oversized glasses and nasal twang. Though Family matters ended in 1998, the Urkel character lives on, instantly recognizable among fans of 90s television.

In addition to his very specific physical appearance, Urkel also made his mark on American sitcom television with his catch-phrases, which elicited peels of canned laughter within a given episode. Phrases like “Did i do that?“”Do you have any cheese?” and “I have fallen and I can not get up‚ÄĚPersisted throughout the program’s nine-season run, creating a divide between those who saw the character as a fun, light-hearted creation, and those who simply could not stand him. Family matters It was certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, and compared to the popularity of other 90s sitcom, The fresh prince of Bel-Airthere is no doubt that it fell far behind in terms of reaching an iconic status in recent years. Nevertheless, Urkel’s own bizarre legacy persists, though it is safe to say that the requirement to see more of the character in any updated way is hardly overwhelming.


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Like a new era of The Fresh Prince preparing to launch with the more cruel and dramatic Bel Airthe cast of SNL decided it was time to not only make fun of the upcoming series, but to imagine how absurd it would be to watch a dramatic series based on Urkel. Filled with the kind of moments that could be expected from an inner city drama, Urkel finds the character armed and full of attitude while still deeply in love with neighbor Laura Winslow. It’s that kind of ridiculous parody SNL thrives, and can be seen below, with permission from the show’s official YouTube channel:

In recent years, Jaleel White has admitted that he does not miss playing Urkel at all, and that he hopes people will recognize him for his versatility as an actor, not as the character he once played. He has also moved away from the squeaky clean, family-friendly persona Urkel by launching his own cannabis line, itsPurpl. The California company offers its own bid for the Purple Urkel strain, and White even dressed as the character to help promote the weed launch. Still, it’s somehow not so stupid to see Urkel get into the marijuana industry. SNL have joined their latest parody.

SNLIt may be fun to recreate the Urkel character, but in the same way, it’s not much more of a stretch than what NBC is doing with the Will Smith character in Bel Air. During its course, The Fresh Prince used comedy to deal with the seemingly harsh realities that Smith faced while growing up in downtown Philadelphia. Some see Bel Air‘s dramatic turn as more than a little over-the-top, in much the same way that a dramatic bid for Urkel would no doubt be received. As unlikely as it may seem right now, there is always a chance that Urkel may one day return to the TV screens in a more serious reboot. After all, when it comes to Hollywood, stranger things have certainly happened.

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