Spider-Man: No Way Home dominates the box office for a 4th weekend

Spider-Man: No Way Home easily retained its position as the number one film in America for the fourth weekend in a row, while the lone newcomer, The 355what DOA.

Spider-Man: No Way Home earned $ 33 million over the weekend, representing a 41% decrease over the previous framework. The team is pretty solid after a holiday weekend, which only proves that the film is driven by word of mouth and repetition. Tracking actually made the film earn about $ 30 million over weekend four, and the fact that it came out $ 3 million ahead of time shows that Spidey is pretty immune to the Omicron variant. As for the weekends after New Year, No Way Home is ahead The last Jedi ($ 23.7 million), Rogue one ($ 22 million), and Rise of Skywalker ($ 15.1 million). Our favorite wall crawler is just behind Force wakes up ($ 42.3 million). With a domestic total of $ 668.7 million and counting, the film is now the sixth-highest-grossing film at the domestic box office, ahead of James Cameron’s Titanic ($ 659.3 million). The film is only about $ 10 million away from taking a fifth place off Avengers: Infinity War ($ 678.8 million). Abroad, the film grossed an additional $ 64.4 million from 63 markets to bring its global pull up to $ 1.53 billion.

Sing 2 maintains its position in second place with a gross of 11.9 million. The animated sequel also dropped by 41% compared to the previous weekend and remains the only other film from the Christmas movie that puts solid gross prices behind Spider-Man. It should be noted that Sing 2 became vacant in homes for rent on Friday and still showed some strength in the coffers. Sing 2 has earned $ 109 million in the domestic market to date, making it the most lucrative animated film from the domestic ticket office pandemic. Families will come out during this period after the real movie, and this only makes me itch more in my head over Disney’s decision to send Pixars Turns red to Disney + instead of giving it a theatrical release. Overseas, Sing 2 raised $ 17 million from 54 international markets to bring the global total to $ 190.8 million.

In the third we have the arrival of The 355 which came to a standstill with a gross of 4.8 million. On paper, this seemed like the perfect film for Universal Pictures to acquire for $ 20 million given the diversity of its cast and puts kickass ladies at the center of their very own action film. There was a clear franchise potential here on paper, but it was quickly regretted as early reviews came ahead of the weekend. The film recorded a very rotten score of 27% and the negative reviews spread quite quickly. The film scored a decent “B +” Cinemascore from the opening day audience, but that would not be enough to generate much heat for the film. So why was this not streamed? Star Jessica Chastain approached director Simon Kinberg to create a spy ensemble exclusively for women. They then reached out to Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger and Bingbing Fan with the pitch to make the film outside the Hollywood system, which would allow them to retain tax ownership and authorship for the $ 75 million and share production. in the upside of the film in different percentages. These tight agreements probably did not allow streaming to be an option. Given its low opening weekend, the film only needs to respect the 17-day cinema window before going to PVOD, and after 45 days, the film will be on the Peacock streaming service for four months before going to Amazon Prime, where it will be free for members for another ten months. Maybe through all these avenues some money can be made The 355 but not much.

In the fourth we have The King’s Man which fell by 28% to $ 3.2 million. Honestly, it’s not a bad team for the movie, though The King’s Man needed a much bigger start to call some of its most recent gross a victory. I’m not sure why the film holds up so well now, but it can at least say that it’s still in the top five, while The Matrix Resurrection, a arguably higher profile release, is already out. The King’s Man has earned $ 25 million at the domestic box office to date, and after pulling $ 13.4 million overseas from 43 international markets, the film brings its global pull to $ 74.3 million.

Rounding off the top five is American underdog with a gross of 2.4 million. Fall 35% from the previous weekend, American underdog has had a hard time breaking out of its faith-based fan base and actually comes a bit lower than most movies coming from this subgenre. American underdog has earned $ 18.7 million to date.

Before I finish the box office, I have to declare a victory for adult-crooked movies because they’ve been successful in pulling decent money in during the pandemic. After placing tenth this weekend and earning $ 632,348, House of Gucci brought the domestic total to $ 50 million. This makes it the pandemic’s most lucrative older distorted drama. I think we can mostly thank Lady Gaga for the assistance here. After earning $ 4 million from 46 overseas markets, the film brings its global total to $ 65.4 million.

What are YOUR thoughts on this weekend’s box office results?

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