Spider-Man’s Rage is out of control and innocents will pay the price

Spider-Man’s rage has reached a record high after he found out the shocking truth behind why he was chosen as the web-slinger.

Warning! Spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man # 86 by Marvel Comics

After finding out the truth about why he was chosen as Spider Man, Ben Reilly is starting to lose control as his rage reaches a dangerous level. In a brand new preview for The amazing Spider-Man # 86 by Marvel Comics, Reilly is called into action by Beyond Corporation to stop a villain on the D-list. However, Spider-Man’s ruthlessness and anger can end up endangering innocent people.

Ben Reilly became the newest Spider-Man in the Marvel universe when Peter Parker was nearly killed in action and put into a coma after suffering serious injuries. However, the Parker clone does not operate independently, but is instead backed by Beyond Corporation, which owned the trademark on the Spider-Man name. Beyond provided Reilly with advanced technology and a luxury lifestyle, but it came with the cost of being a business-driven hero – whose actions were dictated by what benefited them and not necessarily the greater good. Now, after learning the truth about why Beyond chose him as Spider-Man when they knew he was “psychologically compromised,” Reilly’s rage grows.


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In a brand new preview for The amazing Spider-Man # 86 by Zeb Wells, Michael Dowling, Bryan Valenza and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Ben Reilly meets with his therapist, who asks what happened in a previous incident. The cartoon flashes back to earlier in the day when Beyond Corporation called Spider-Man to stop a villain named Hellbomb. But despite Beyond’s warning that Spider-Man should not engage until a firefighting team is in place, Reilly ignores the request.

Fantastic Spider-Man Rage

Fantastic Spider-Man Rage

Fantastic Spider-Man Rage

Beyond is shocked that Spider-Man ignores their orders as they tell Reilly that the building is more than 150 years old and highly flammable. Despite the warning to spread the fire, Reilly goes after Hellbomb and hits him to the ground with a barrage of blows. Reilly ignores the calls from Beyond Corporation as the fire grows around him. Spider-Man’s rage and anger increase as the building is engulfed in flames.

Fantastic Spider-Man Rage

Ben Reilly’s anger reaches new heights after learning that he was chosen as Spider-Man, not because of his strong will, but because he was psychologically compromised. Given that the clone of Peter Parker was already struggling with his identity, the discovery of the truth behind Beyond Corporation’s rationale for making him the new Spider-Man has officially officially broken him. Will Spider Man endanger the lives of innocent people, will his anger get worse? Readers will find out more when The amazing Spider-Man # 86 of Marvel Comics is in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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