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Squad Review: Rinzing Denzongpa & Malvika Raaj’s erratic action player is a discouraged jingoistic mess

Movie: Hold

Manager: Nilesh Sahay

Cast: Rinzing Denzongpa, Malvika Raaj, Pooja Batra

Evaluation: 2/5

Squad marks the debut for Denny Denzongpa’s son Rinzing Denzongpa and Malvika Raaj. Throughout Bollywood’s history, major debut launches have been in the action-drama genre. Being able to stand up to 50 inflated men establishes a leading hero immediately like a man’s man, a potential star among the masses. But the performance and storytelling often sit in the back seat when filmmakers assume they are the first to showcase a hero walking in slow motion with a bomb blast behind him. There is simply no news left in a generic action movie, and such movies often become laborious to forget.

Squad, which was released on Zee5, revolves around the story of a team filled with highly trained STF commands led by Rinzing’s Bhim Rana, who is tasked with an unimaginative mission to protect the grandson of a famous scientist being hunted by the governments of ‘several countries ‘. To add to the absurdity, there is a mighty plan for a deadly cyborg program, which, if it goes into the wrong hands, could prove disastrous. It’s okay to simplify the plot of an action player a bit, because a goal is often set quite early for a hero in the film, and the audience travels on the mission with the charismatic actor (ahem ahem! Chris Hemsworth).

Rinzing Denzongpa fails to deliver on the ‘attitude’ or ‘skills’ that people look up to in an action star. There are basically two kinds of action heroes, macho-attitude men like Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Abraham & the flips & kicks men like Jet Li, Jason Statham, Tiger Shroff & Vidyut Jamwal among others. Rinse falls so far in none of the parts. He is visually static while delivering dialogues, and his strokes do not seem to have the power with which they influence another actor.

Malvika Raaj delivers a generic performance, and it’s hard to shine in a film filled with the ulterior motive of earning miserable mediocrity by writer and director Nilesh. The script is a fish out of the water and grips to surprise. The mighty predictable and sticky action sequences are simply choreographed to fulfill the maturity. The characters have no other dimension than the erratic misleading sense of jingoistic patriotism.

Squad is relentless in its quest to be predictable, and perhaps the film is two decades too late in its release. You can watch the movie on Zee5.

Let’s take it one Friday at a time!

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