Star Citizen has raised over $ 400 million, but is still not out

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It’s 2007. I’m playing a game on the Xbox Live Arcade called Wing Commander Arena. It’s a top-down shooter and I hate it. This is not Wing Commander. Why has no one made a new one Wing Commander.

It’s 1993. I’m sitting in my living room trying to make a boot disk so my aging SX33 PC can play Chris Roberts’ Wing Commander III. I succeed, but it takes 23 minutes for a mission to load.

It’s 2012. Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander, announces a new video game. It comes to Kickstarter, an online marketplace where fans can buy things that are not yet finished. The game is called Star Citizen. It will be released in 2015.

It’s 1999. Freddie Prinze Jnr. flying around space in a starfighter that looks like a ride from an amusement park from the 1950s. This is not Wing Commander. I do not enjoy this.

It’s 2015. Star Citizen has raised over $ 100 million but has not yet been released despite initial plans. In 2012, Roberts had said “We are already a year in – two more years puts us at 3 in total, which is ideal. Something more and things would start to become obsolete.” I’m worried.

It’s 1991. I’m playing Wing Commander II, and is in awe of its branched campaign structure and space opera history. I hope the series never ends.

It’s 2020. Fans have now spent $ 300 million on a game that is not out. Star Citizen’s singleplayer campaign, Squadron 42, should be released in 2016. Then 2018. A beta should at least be out in 2020. In October 2020, Roberts says “We still have a way to go before we are in beta”. I’m not worried anymore, I think that’s a lot of fun now.

It’s 2021. The developers of this video game have now raised over $ 400 million from fans to a game that is still not out and now has been under development for a decade. laugh out loud.


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