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Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2, Episode 2 Easter Eggs and References

Special Shout-Out: Whose trombone is it?

We briefly see a trombone in one of the collector’s cases, which seems like an easy reference to Riker. But which? Because this episode also directly refers to “Second Chances” and Will Riker’s duplicate Thomas Riker, that is possible that this is the trombone that will gave to Thomas at the end of it TNG episode. In short, this is the case with Thomas Riker’s trombone: DS9 episode “Defiant” Thomas Riker tried to steal Defiant, but was later arrested by Starfleet. Presumably, that would mean all his stuff would have been confiscated, including his trombone!

Keyshon is a tamarian

Tamars or “Tama children” are descended from TNG section “Darmok.” If you forgot, Picard cracked the case with this species by learning that they spoke exclusively through metaphor and analogy. Mariner mocks this by pointing out that all you have to do is listen for “context clues”.

Rich loves … Rogue Squadron?

Riker tells Boimler to use the “attack pattern delta” on the packed ship. This seems to be a reference to The empire strikes back where Luke tells the snow speeds from the Rogue Squadron: “Attack pattern delta, go now!”

Items owned by the collector, tag 2

Here’s another attempt to see how many Easter eggs were trapped in less than 2 minutes of screentime.

  • Kataan Probe (TNG, “The inner light”)
  • Vulcan lirpa weapon (LASS, “Amok Time,”)
  • Klingon bat’leth (TNG, DS9, Voyager et al.)
  • Andorian dueling weapon (Corporation, “United.”)
  • Shark in a Tank (A reference to the real artist Damien Hirst, probably?)
  • Mars Rover
  • Kadis-kot game set (Voyager)
  • Château Picard wine box (Picard)
  • Isomagnetic Disintegrator (Worfs bazooka from Uprising)

Tendi holds later:

Kahless’ lewd helmet

Tendi says that this specific Klingon artifact is clearly something that Kahless (Klingon Jesus) wore, while … yes, the name speaks for itself. But which Kahless? Hmmm? The fake clone Kahless from “Rightful Heir?” or real-deal Kahless from the 9th century? The Kahless reference gets double meta, for as you will see later, Lower deck finally refers to the very first reference in canon to Kahless as well.

Data’s Picasso-like painting by Spot

Hardly visible, just as the Mariner and the gang are trying to escape, we see Data’s painting of his cat Spot, first seen in TNG the “Inheritance” section and later in the background of the film Generations.

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