Storm recaptures Stormcaster, her personal Mjolnir, in Marvel Cover Art

Storm uses the Asgardian hammer Stormcaster in a fantastic variant cover from Natacha Bustos, shown on March’s X-Men # 9.

A new variant cover for X-Men # 9 shows Storm Reclaim Stormcaster, her personal version of Mjølnir. The edition – from Gerry Duggan, Carlos Villa, Erick Arciniega and Clayton Cowles – comes on March 2, and the beautiful alternative cover recreates Ororo Munroe’s costume and Thor-themed hammer.

The mysterious equivalent of Thor Mjolnir was first created by Loki and given to Storm in X-Men Annual # 9 by Chris Claremont and Arthur Adams. By accepting this weapon, she gained divine powers, and Storm became the goddess of thunder. She gave up the hammer when she discovered that Loki created it to manipulate her desire to regain her powers in hopes of favoring his own sinister plans. Nevertheless, Stormcaster continues to emerge X men stories through the years before they were destroyed in X-Men gold # 35 by Marc Guggenheim, Simone Buonfantino and Giovanni Valleta.


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The variant cover comes from Natacha Bustos and is shown for selected physical problems. While variant covers do not usually depict events in the comic itself, Storm recently became the regent of Arakko (the planet formerly known as Mars) and is both politically and physically more powerful than ever. A recent attack on the planet saw Storm use pure air pressure to crush her opponents, confirming that she now has so much power over her powers that she possesses divine power, whether she uses Stormcaster or not. Divided by League of Comic Geeks, Bustos’ cover sees Storm rise above the clouds with a butterfly on its finger, a rainbow curving through the sky in the background.

X-Men # 9 Stormbreakers cover

Slightly confusingly, the cover is referred to as a Stormbreakers variant. While Stormbreaker itself is yet another Asgardian Hammer, which transforms the wielder (commonly used by Beta Ray Bill), is also Marvel’s designation for their talent award program, which aims to give the next generation of great comic book artists the focus they deserve. Storm’s Asgardian look is a fan favorite, and the weather-changing features of Stormcaster are always a welcome addition to X-Man’s power.

Although always a vital part of the comics, Storm has become a particularly fascinating presence in X men too late, rejected mutantkinds new resurrection protocols and committed to living a single life and then remaining dead. Despite this, Ororo has only made life more dangerous by taking a leadership position on the warlike Arakko, where she is constantly challenged to deadly battles to prove her prowess. Recently, Storm underwent a disgusting transformation thanks to Tarn the Uncaring, though she eventually showed the villain that she was his better in every way. Now, X men fans can celebrate Storm when she is strongest with this beautiful art that she grasped about herself Mjølnir when the comic comes in March.

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Source: League of Comic Geeks

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