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Subsequent characters missing in action: Where are they?

There is no telling when a long absence Succession character may reappear to demand more attention and perhaps a pay rise – after this season, a move known in the future as The Marcia Roy.
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Plotted in the comic HBO drama Succession easily defines its title: It’s a story about media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his four children: Connor (Alan Ruck), Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkan). The offspring love their father despite his violent abuse and will also make sure he is not completely dead yet (i.e. until it has been decided which of them will secure the top spot in his conglomerate, Waystar Royco).

But the show also fits the second definition of the word: “a series of people or things coming one after the other.” To be thrown in Succession is a gift to any actor, but that does not necessarily mean we get to see many of them. And the recent additions of Hope Davis as Sandi Furness (daughter of one of Logan’s many non-familial rivals, Larry Price Sandy) and Stephen Root and Justin Kirk as creepy Republican politicians mean there are now even more characters to keep track of on when they disappear into other adventures off-screen, perhaps never to be heard from again.

Of course on succession, there is no telling when a character may return to demand more attention and perhaps a pay rise – after this season, a move known in the future as The Marcia Roy – so as a refresher we have gathered some other shortcomings in action Roy family employees who could strike at any time to shake things up.

Sophie and Iverson Roy (Swayam Bhatia and Quentin Morales)
Last seen in: Season 3, Episode 5 (Virtual Appearance)

Photo: HBO

Yes, we also had to double check their names. Much has already been made of the fact that the children of once-heir-apparently-now-exiled favorite son Kendall are rarely seen or heard of besides a recent Zoom call with their father’s assistant. (Their new rabbit’s most likely death from bagel will definitely provide a great therapy session one day.) This is particularly strange because if we play by British-royal family rules, they are (sorry to cousin Greg) the next generation’s only legitimate heirs to the throne. . It is strange that they are not cared for as such. The actors’ lack of appearances on screen this season may be a result of COVID protocols or time commitments (they are children after all) – or maybe their mother, Rava (Natalie Gold), keeps them just as far away from Kendall and his like as possible.

Gil Eavis (Eric Bogosian)
Last seen in: Season 2, Episode 10

Photo: HBO

One of the first high-profile male antagonists in the series’ series of characters towering over Roman, the U.S. senator’s political ambitions may be booming since Shiv left him and all of her false claims of liberalism in the hopes that she would become anointed by father. While Gil was involved in the Senate’s interrogation regarding the Brightstar accusations, Shiv’s recent onslaught with Gil’s help Nate, her ex-boyfriend, suggests that his hopes of becoming POTUS are fading and that he is losing respect in the media. However, things may change now that the unnamed president has entered hereditarycountry does not stand for re-election. Imagine a presidential debate between Gil and colleague POTUS wannabe Connor …

Tabitha (Caitlin FitzGerald)
Last seen in: Season 2, Episode 8

Photo: HBO

When your boyfriend has to pretend you’re dead to have sex with you, you get the hell out of there and do not waste time tying yourself to your electric toothbrush. Hopefully, Tabitha monitored Roman’s fascination with Gerri and used it as an escape opportunity to return to her past life by meeting Manhattan’s finest on secret underground caves. Maybe she can be edited out of pictures of Shiv’s marriage to Tom? She has at least some fond memories of her time with Roys, which she will always carry with her thanks to the video she made of Kendall’s infamous “L to the OG” rap.

Michelle Pantsil (Jessica Hecht)
Last seen in: Season 2, Episode 4

Photo: HBO

The journalist’s all-encompassing book about Logan made a major breakthrough with the deathbed confession from Logan’s colleague (Moe) Lester McClintock. But it’s really in demand now that the murders, assaults and cover-ups in Brightstar, the company’s cruise division, have come to light. It shouldn’t be hard to crack Greg if she tries to interview him again, but could she be the lifeboat Tom needs to save himself from getting in jail?

Brian (Zach Cherry)
Last seen in: Season 2, Episode 4

Photo: HBO

Roman’s talented amusement park buddy warned us that he is a “riddle” and that you “can not beat him to the box” because he is “intellectually promiscuous but culturally conservative.” Which is to say … he may be the best choice to replace Logan.

Lawrence Yee (Rob Yang)
Last seen in: Season 2, Episode 2

Photo: HBO

The former Vaulter head foolishly trusted Kendall Roy with his media company, an experience that has probably made him leave the media profession altogether. Maybe he’s now an officer in a rust belt state? Maybe he went on medication?

Scott (Ian Poake)
Last seen in: Season 2, Episode 2

Photo: HBO

Oh, you know the fired Vaulter employee who spits Kendall in the face is a legend in New York media circles. Because in reality, that’s all he has.

Marcia Roy’s children
Last seen in: Season 1, Episode 10

Photo: HBO

Logan’s scorned third wife, Marcia Roy, will not stand by her husband during his firm’s allegations of sexual assault and murder without financial insurance for herself and her children. Her son, Amir (Darius Homayoun), is theoretically guaranteed protection because, according to Logan, he could implicate Kendall in the drowning death of servant Andrew Dodds after Shiv and Tom’s wedding. (“Amir saw you last night, pretty damp.”) But this bear mother also wants security for her unnamed daughter. Well played, Marcia. Now these two can fulfill their destinies as Rich Kids on Instagram. Or they can start their own media company that will one day rise up to shut down Roys. Call it Dodds Media.

Grace (Molly Griggs)
Last seen in: Season 1, Episode 5

Roman’s first partner (and possible wife? Roman is introduced to the pilot wearing a wedding ring, though it quickly disappeared) has been MIA since the fifth episode, where Roman takes a fight with her to Thanksgiving to see The world’s largest Turkey, a hit for the family film studio, which he passed on while working there. She also has a child who is probably not Romans, whose impotence problems are common enough for Shiv to mock him for them. In their last fight, Grace calls him out on their rare sex – could she have gotten an early preview of the tendencies he has explored with Gerri? Did Grace catch any dirt on Logan in her short time as a member of the Roy family? More importantly, does she have a copy of the manuscript Roman might have written? Because we really want to read that.

Eva (Judy Reyes)
Last seen in: Season 1, Episode 4

Photo: HBO

ATN executive producer and legal consultant Eva has not been seen since the first season, but it may be time to check in again, as the DOJ is likely to come after Roy and the US president claim that their news channel coverage of him affected his mental health. Although someone with her level of legal skill would probably know to stay away from this hot mess. Florida looks good at this time of year.

Marianne Hirsch (Mary Birdsong)
Last seen in: Season 1, Episode 1

Photo: HBO

Greg’s cynophilic mother got him into this mess when she sent him to beg his great-grandmother for a job. He shows up the same day Logan has a stroke, and for better or worse, he has since left his days eating California Pizza Kitchen’s Cajun Chicken Linguine. But Marianne? Her father, Ewan (James Cromwell), Greg’s grandfather and Esau to Logan’s Jacob, cut her off long before he decided to donate Greg’s legacy to Greenpeace. She has since amassed a fortune in credit card debt, according to her son. While Greg may have stalled to pay it off, Marianne is probably volunteering at pet adoption fairs, while secretly seeking out purebred breeders to find a new, expensive furry friend to add to her collection.

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