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Super Slow-Mo video shows a second stretched to an hour

The powers of the flash may seem cool, but it would be awful to live like that. Just think about how you feel every time you stand behind someone in a grocery line and see someone looking for exact change. Time slows down and existence itself becomes a nightmare. Now imagine that feeling as a constant, infinite reality. Hard pass. However, this does not mean that there are no benefits to slowing down time. It may not be fun to experience slow motion, but it’s great to see. Like in this video that shows what it would be like if every second lasted a whole hour.

Slow Mo Guys is back. In this solo video, Gav shows off their latest equipment, the Phantom TMX 7510. The powerful slow motion camera can record high quality footage at 90,000 frames per second. It allows you to stretch exactly one second to a full hour. That way, you can enjoy what it’s like to be Barry Allen without any downsides. That means you can enjoy amazing images that reveal a hidden world we move too fast to fully appreciate.

Don’t worry though. This video is not 72 hours long. It’s just nine minutes of insight and great slow motion.

A man falls sideways into a pool seen in super slow motionThe Slow Mo Guys

Splashing water will always and forever look great in super slow-mo. (Although seeing Gav standing under the shower with the dead eyes can haunt us a little bit.) And that match lighting is hypnotic and beautiful. That’s how it was when Fry drank 300 coffees Futurama. As well as what it would be like to take that drug off Dredd. This is how The Flash sees the world.

We actually would not do any of those things. But it’s definitely fun to see what it would be like if we could.

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