Actress Lia McHugh teases sequel ideas

Eternal actress Lia McHugh addresses the big question: do we get a sequel? Eternal is not the usual Marvel Studios movie property; not only is it one of the duller Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ever released (critically acclaimed “Rotten”; $ 400 million on a $ … Read More

Eternals deleted scene with Harry Styles revealed

Each product has been independently selected by our editorial staff. We may receive commission from some links to products on this site. Promotions are subject to availability and reseller terms. Eternal star Lily McHugh has shed light on one Eternal deleted scene involving Harry Styles … Read More

Will there be an Eternals 2? Here’s what we know

Eternal is one of the most interesting Marvel movies we’ve seen from MCU yet. Directed by ChloĆ© Zhao, the film brings to the fore the immensely powerful Eternals from Marvel’s comics, 10 creatures that guide humanity and protect them from the powerful, world-destroying Deviants. Eternal … Read More