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Station Eleven New trailer: HBO Post-Apocalyptic Drama Series

Screenshot: HBO Despite the fact that most of the world’s civilization has died of one super-flu, the survivors involved in HBO Max’s film adaptation of … Read more

Cobie Smulders joins the Disney + series

Cobie Smulders reunites with Samuel L. Jackson for Secret invasion.Picture: Sony pictures Not like it’s such a big secret, but Maria Hill is coming to … Read more

Car Hunting, Echoes Origin, Kingpin Tips

Kate Bishop finally got her trick arrows on Hawkeye.Picture: Marvel Studios Third episode of Disney + and Marvel’s Hawkeye topped before Clint Barton or Kate … Read more

New pictures prove that Keanu still knows Kung Fu

Simulatte remains an honestly quite incredible coffee bar name, tbh.Picture: Warner Bros. A new high-tech Zorro movies could be on the way. swears new Founder … Read more

Season 8, Episode 3, “Armageddon, Part 3”

Grant GustinPhoto: Katie Yu (The CW) It makes sense that an episode that largely deals with Joe West’s presumed death would strive for great emotion, … Read more

Democrat Bill wants to prevent bots from buying all the PS5s

Picture: Grinchen A group of Democrats introduces “Stop the Grinch Bots Act”, A proposal with an incredibly stupid name that aims to prevent (or at … Read more

Helen Mirren talks about playing Hespera

Shazam may find his hands full dealing with new threats in his successor.Screenshot: Warner Bros. A new look at Hokus Pokus 2 teases the return … Read more