The worst movies of 2021

After a year and a pandemic that shut down the entire entertainment industry for several months, 2021 marked the return of something close to a normal cinema film release calendar. Even in the midst of some of the most challenging circumstances in the history of … Read More

The worst Netflix movies of 2021

Even in the face of a protracted global pandemic, Netflix manages to garner a wealth of movies. With contributions in almost every genre – comedy, drama, horror, musical and sci-fi, first of all – there really is something for everyone. But then there are some … Read More

The Easter eggs from the classic movie

If it was not immediately apparent from the trailers filled with props and even archival sound from the original film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is crammed with references and recalls of the 1984 original Ghostbusters. Director Jason Reitman has done his part Ghostbusters a huge tribute to … Read More