Adam Scott leads dystopian sc-fi comedy

Screenshot: Apple TV Between the infinite pandemic, systemic wage inequality, and constant management nightmares, real life has never felt that way dystopian. But Ben Stiller is new Apple TV + series, Resignation, takes things to another level by letting Adam Scott go through a very … Read More

Man accidentally shoots foam into penis

Photo: BSIP / Universal Images Group (Getty Images) A man and his partner’s attempt at a treatment for erectile dysfunction went catastrophically wrong, according to his doctors. In a recent case report, they describe how his partner accidentally shot insulating foam into the man’s penis … Read More

Oscar Isaac brings Menace to MCU

Screenshot: Marvel Studios Although Disney and Marvel Studios gave us a brief glimpse by Oscar Isaac in action as one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic guards at street level a few months ago, now we have a full, proper insight into what happens when Marc … Read More