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Tamra judge reveals Vicki Gunvalson’s shocking revenge plot against her and Eddie over Brooks’ cancer lie

RHOC: Tamra judge reveals Vicki Gunvalson's shocking revenge plot against her and husband Eddie over Brooks' cancer scandal

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Tamra judge opened up about the shocking way Vicki Gunvalson tried to take revenge on her for her role in revealing Brooks Ayers‘cancer lies in Not all diamonds and rosé: the inside of the real housewives from the people who lived it, the new Real housewives everything from reporter Dave Quinn.

Barely a year after departure The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra looked back at a secret meeting Vicki held Kelly Dodd, Gretchen Rossi, and Slade Smiley and revealed the disturbing story she intended to plant about her husband, Judge Eddie.

“I had found out that Vicki and Kelly had a meeting with Gretchen, Slade and a couple of other former cast members at Starbucks to try to come up with things that made me look bad,” Tamra revealed in the book. . “Vicki was mad about the Brooks thing and wanted revenge, so they all brainstormed ways to take me down. They had no facts, but they wanted something, and one of the things they decided on was that they should spread a rumor that Eddie was gay. They were going to film a guy in a CUT Fitness hat who ran off and sent the video to another guy so it looked like it was Eddie. It was a really crooked thing to do. ”

This particular excerpt was shared on Twitter by Love Andy C. fan page wondering how Tamra was able to reconcile with Vicki after learning what she had done.

“It took a long time,” Tamra said admitted.

RHOC Tamra Judge Talks Forgiving Vicki Gunvalson After Eddie Judge Gay Rumor

Tamra also shared an extra comment on the post, refusing to learn about the Starbucks meeting between RHOC cast members from Jeana Keoughfriend, Uncle Richie.

“Also, the source in the book is wrong … it was not Uncle Ritchie who told me,” she said added.

RHOC Tamra Judge addresses Vicki Gunvalson's creation of gay rumors against Eddie Judge

In the book, Tamra was quoted as saying that she “got tips about it by Uncle Richie, Jeana’s friend “and also noted that Kelly” later verified all of this, but made it look like it was all Vicki’s idea and she did not want to be a part of it. “

“When I went to Kelly and asked her if Vicki had told her anything about me, you do not hear what I actually said then, which was, ‘Let me guess, Eddie is gay? ‘. And Kelly said, ‘No, she actually said you were having an affair.’ That’s why I freaked out, got in her face and screamed: ‘F-ck you’, ”Tamra explained.

As for Vicki, she admitted to having sat down to take revenge on her again and again best friend in the book.

“I would definitely take revenge on Tamra for hurting me, yes. Injured people hurt people, so you can not go around hurting people and expecting to sit there and never expect to be hurt back, ”she said.

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