Teen Wolf: The best character of every season

Character development is a crucial aspect of any TV series, and Teen Wolf does an excellent job of elaborating on the members of the McCall Pack. For a bow to succeed, the character must become a noticeably different person than it was at the beginning of the show.

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Teen Wolf manages his time well, and despite the large ensemble that is formed, everyone in the lead role has a chance to develop. Each season focuses on different plot lines regarding the characters, the relationship, and the overall story. Due to the way the show is structured, different characters stand out at different times.

7 Season 1: Scott McCall

The entire show is meant to be Scott’s story, but he has focused mostly on the first season. Scott eventually gets smart beyond his years, but he behaves like a typical teenager in Teen Wolf Season 1. While empathy and compassion are clearly characteristics that Scott inherently has, his transformation brings out these traits.

Becoming a werewolf changes Scott’s life, and he learns something different about himself in each episode. Scott is pushed to his limits, but the life and death experiences help Scott discover who he is at his core.

6 Season 2: Allison Argent

She may not be the most likeable character in Teen Wolf Season 2, but Allison Argent is without a doubt the most interesting. Allison is unrecognizable from the hot and soft teenage seers meet in the pilot, and she becomes power-hungry and cruel. Hunting werewolves is in her blood and the Argentines are professionals at manipulating their family.

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The events of the first season make Allison feel vulnerable and she will do anything to feel in control. She improves her skills and even takes deadly risks to show them off. It reaches a point where Allison’s loyalty is to Gerard, rather than Scott and Stiles, making her story the most refreshing.

5 Season 3: Stiles Stilinski

Stiles’ energy makes him stand out regardless of the season, but he shines particularly brightly in Teen Wolf Season 3. He shows clear signs of maturity and begins to behave more like an adult than a teenager. Despite being previously portrayed as the sidekick, he assumes a leadership role in Teen Wolf and starts making his own calls. Stiles steps down into a puddle of gasoline along with Scott in season 3, episode 6, “Motel California,” and states that they are in this life together.

The last half of the season takes a violent turn, leaving Stiles more vulnerable than ever before. He is put through the wringer – both physically and emotionally – and is trapped inside his own body. Stiles being obsessed with nogistune is the darkest story in the series, yet Dylan O’Brien’s portrayal of “void” Stiles makes it a fan favorite.

4 Season 4: Derek Hale

Derek Hale Teen Wolf

Although Derek is not a major cast member after Teen Wolf Season 4 he could not have gotten a better conclusion. He comes a long way from a power-hungry alpha, and Derek’s conclusion leaves nothing to be desired. Derek is burdened by the mistakes of the past, and while the audience knows he is a changed man, Derek has a hard time believing it.

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He carries on one of the most exciting stories as he is taken to Mexico and transformed into a teenager by Kate Argent. Derek relives the traumatic experiences of his teenage years, but by the end of the season, he is reborn. His development into a full wolf is physical proof that Derek should be proud of who he has become.

3 Season 5: Lydia Martin

After watching the season opener, viewers are left with an endless amount of questions. Without any context, Lydia never combines unprecedented fighting skills with her banshee powers and attempts to break out of the Eichen House.

More information is given as the story unfolds and everything leads to how Lydia ends up in the institution in the first place. She spends the season developing her abilities in a new capacity and learning self-defense skills that could easily compete with the Allisons. Lydia carries a crucial plotline, and the highest rated episode of Teen Wolf Season 5 is dedicated to rescuing her from Eichen.

2 Season 6, Part 1: Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin keeps her books and stands in a classroom in Teen Wolf.

Because Teen Wolf Season 6, parts 1 and 2, are so different that it is impossible to rate them the same. They cover separate story lines, and the main character experiences a major quarrel. Lydia is standout in the first mass of episodes as fans gain insight into emotions that have previously been ignored. To keep their relationship a lasting question mark, Stile’s love for Lydia has always been more prominent. Yet Stiles and Lydia are the epitome of the slow-burning trope Teen Wolf, and Lydia’s heart is finally bare.

Although romance is a big part of her story, Lydia is the easiest to connect to in all aspects. She is the only person who believes that Stiles is genuine and is being treated as if she has lost her mind. Lydia collapses when others ask her, yet she never stops believing what she knows is true. Lydia’s assurance of both herself and her love for Stiles exemplifies how far she has come Teen Wolf Season 1.

1 Season 6, Part 2: Scott McCall

It is only fitting that the last ten episodes of Teen Wolf came back to Scott. It’s his story at the beginning, so it should be his story at the end. Overall, the sixth season is not the best due to the cast shake. Stiles is gone at George Washington University, and the supporting characters steal the limelight from those viewers are most attached to.

Scott and Malia, however, become the main romance, which is similar to how Scott’s relationship with Allison is structured in Teen Wolf Season 1. Seeing Scott without Stiles doesn’t quite sit well, but it does give Scott more opportunity to shine. While there will always be times when he needs his best friend, Scott has been equipped to handle things on his own. The series finale is flowing into the future, and Scott is telling his story to a new beta. It’s a moment in full circle to remind viewers that Scott is the focal point of the show.

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