Texas Chainsaw Massacre Restart image reveals the return of the original last girl

A new image from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 shows the triumphant return of the original finale girl Sally Hardesty, now played by Olwen Fouéré.

A new picture from Netflix The chainsaw massacre in Texas reboot reveals the first look at the return of the franchise’s original Final Girl. The only survivor of the events of the original 1974 The chainsaw massacre in Texas was Sally Hardesty, played by Marilyn Burns. She went with her brother and several friends to rural Texas to investigate desecrations at the local cemetery where her grandfather was buried, whereupon everyone except her was murdered by Leatherface and his family.

The character continued to be referenced in the opening narrative for the next two films, and was to have died in 1977 according to Leather surface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. Marilyn Burns returned to the franchise twice, though once to play a version of Sally Hardesty in a non-speaking cameo in the final scene of the 1994s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, and once to play Leatherface’s relative Verna in a short scene in 2013’s Texas 3D chainsaw. Although she died in 2014, the character Sally returns in the 2022 film.

USA today shared a brand new photo from The chainsaw massacre in Texas shows Sally’s triumphant return. The character is depicted behind the wheel of a car looking at an old Polaroid, potentially the one taken by the hitchhiker (Edwin Neal) when he threatened Sally and her friends during the opening act of the film. Sally is now played by Olwen Fouéré, who is best known for his roles in This must be the place, The Survivalist, and Mandy. See the full size image below:

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Source: USA Today

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