The 10 Best Moon Knight Villains, Ranked

With his long-awaited live-action debut just around the corner, Moon Knight is one of the most talked-about Marvel characters right now. With Oscar Isaac set to star in the role as Moon Knight, the upcoming Disney + series will likely be a big hit with fans and new viewers alike.

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With over fifty years of history as a Marvel character, Moon Knight has had many encounters with villains across the Marvel universe. Moon Knight has made enemies with some very powerful villains using a mix of street-level fighting and god-given enhanced strength.

10 Stained Glass Scarlet Killed Her Father

Stained Glass Scarlet

One of the most tragic villains in the Moon Knight mythos is Scarlet Fasinera, aka Stained Glass Scarlet. Making her debut in Moon Knight # 14, Scarlet was abused by her father and had a miserable childhood. The constant abuse led her to take revenge on her father, killing him by igniting his bed with a cigarette as he slept. After her childhood, Scarlet became a nun and married Vince Fasinera, who was a small-time criminal that eventually abused her just like her father. After the death of her husband and being forced to kill her criminal son, Scarlet became a street vigilante, donning the name Stained Glass Scarlet because of her time as a nun.

9 Bullseye Gave Moon Knight One Of His Closest Fights

Moon Knight

Primarily known as a Daredevil villain, Bullseye is a mercenary who first came on the scene when the Daily Bugle reported his numerous extortion attempts and murders. In Daredevil # 131 (his debut appearance), Bullseye first encountered Daredevil by killing a civilian to draw him into a fight. As a child, Bullseye set his house on fire in an attempt to kill his father. After his father survived, Bullseye tried to kill him again by setting fire to the prison he was in.

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In Moon Knight Vol 5 # 25, Moon Knight and Bullseye engaged in one of the most violent fights in recent Marvel history.

8 Midnight Man Lives Underground

Moon Knight

As a high-level art thief, Anton Mogart stole great works of art, jewelry, and other luxury items in the middle of the night, earning him the name Midnight Man. In Moon Knight # 3, after a 22-day theft spree, Mogart encounters Moon Knight shortly after stealing a rare painting. During his fight with Moon Knight, Midnight Man falls into a river and is assumed dead. However, in actuality, the river’s current carried him into the sewers and severely scarred his face with toxic waste. After blaming Moon Night for what had happened to him, Midnight Man took refuge in the sewers, slowly becoming insane and obsessing over trash.

7 Taskmaster Can Copy Any Fighting Style

Moon Knight

Since making his debut in Avengers # 195, Taskmaster has fought basically every street-level hero in Marvel comics. With the ability to copy the fighting style of any opponent he encounters, Taskmaster, whose real name is Tony Masters, is a match for any street-level character he comes across. Like many other heroes, Moon Knight and Taskmaster have a long history, and the two have engaged each other in combat on more than one occasion.

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In Moon Knight Vol 5 issues 5 and 6, Moon Knight and Taskmaster had a violent face-off. Moon Knight struck fear into the heart of Taskmaster when he continued moving forward after being shot by numerous arrows.

6 Black Specter Lost Everything

Black Specter

After returning home from military service to find his job taken and his wife gone, Carson Knowles became Black Specter: a violent criminal who sought power through political standing. In Moon Knight # 25 (Black Specter’s debut appearance), Knowles launches a campaign for mayor by exploiting his father’s name and political power. As Black Specter – his secret villain identity – Knowles blackmails the local electoral precinct manager into supporting his candidacy. Knowles succeeds in his blackmail for some time until a fight with Moon Knight leads to his mask coming off in public, allowing the people to realize who he truly is.

5 Morpheus Does Not Need Sleep


After an unprecedented viral infection caused inhibition in his DNA, Robert Markham became the subject of an untested drug. After taking the medication, Markham became unable to sleep and developed highly destructive psychic powers. In an extreme rage, Markham took the name Morpheus, which tied his lack of need for sleep to the Greek God of Dreams.

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In Moon Knight # 12, after drawing attention from attacking the doctor who transformed him, Morpheus is tracked down by Moon Knight, who finds that electricity is the only way to defeat Morpheus.

4 Werewolf By Night Was Moon Knight’s First Adversary

Moon Knight Werewolf By Night

When Moon Knight made his comic debut in Werewolf by Night # 32, he served as the primary antagonist against the book’s title character, Werewolf by Night. When the two first met in the middle of a dark alley, Moon Knight slung three of his crescent throwing darts into Werewolf’s chest, which caused him to howl in pain and draw in a crowd of people. Moon Knight continued to beat Werewolf until he was unconscious and then dragged him to his helicopter. Although Moon Knight has evolved from villain to superhero since his debut, his rivalry with Werewolf has not faded over the years.

3 Moon Shade Is Moon Knight’s Evil Doppelganger

Moon Shade

Created during the Infinity War by Adam Warlock’s evil counterpart, Magus, Moon Shade is an evil doppelganger of Moon Knight. First appearing in Infinity War # 3, Moon Shade was created alongside the other doppelgangers who were sent to attack Marvel’s heroes at the Four Freedoms Plaza. After teaming up with the doppelganger of Franklin Richards, Moon Shade absorbed parts of Franklin Richard’s powers and used it to absorb other versions of Moon Knight across reality.

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Moon Shade and Moon Knight then engaged in an interdimensional chase as Moon Shade attempted to kill and absorb every living version of Moon Knight.

2 Shadowknight Is Moon Knight’s Hate-Filled Brother

Shadow Knight

As the younger brother of Marc Spector, Randall Spector grew hateful of his older brother after years of Marc succeeding in every field that he seemed to fail in. After killing Marc’s girlfriend Lisa, Marc hunted down his brother and nearly killed him with a grenade. Years later, while working as a mercenary assisting a group of rebels, Randall’s group was approached by Marc Spector and Bushman. Not knowing Randall was among the group, they slaughtered them in a haze of bullets. After surviving the attack, Randall swore vengeance against his brother and Bushman. Randall was eventually given lunar treatments by Princess Nephyths, gaining all the powers of Moon Knight and later taking the name Shadowknight.

1 Bushman Killed Marc Spector


As the man who almost killed Marc Spector and created the opportunity for Khonshu to revive him, Bushman is without a doubt Moon Knight’s greatest enemy. First appearing in Moon Knight # 1, Bushman and his family were driven off their land in Africa by European colonists, which forced them into poverty. After growing hateful with a desire for vengeance, Bushman became a mercenary and international terrorist-for-hire. When he was eventually hired to work alongside Marc Spector and Frenchie, Bushman betrayed his colleagues, shot Spector and left him for dead, and kidnapped Frenchie. In this near-death moment, Spector first spoke to Khonshu, who revived him and created Moon Knight.

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