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The 10 most shocking villains reveal in film history

A dynamic villain can take a good movie and make it great. Although a movie is nothing without its main character, a multifaceted villain can take our heroes’ journey to new heights. In many movies, it’s pretty easy to know who the villain is. A changing demeanor, dark gaze or evil laughter is a pretty dead giveaway. But in other movies, the villain is not as obvious. Have you ever heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Sometimes it takes the whole movie to find out who the bad guy – or girl – really is. When you finally discover who the great evil is, you realize that they have been hiding in common sight all along.

It’s the classic bait-and-shift technique. We meet a well-meaning character who may be a little off-kilter, but nothing very noticeable to the viewer. There is also usually another character that shows all the typical features of a villain. But as the plot unfolds, we learn that it is the modest friend, sidekick, or love interest that has been pulling the strings all along. In some cases, you can see it coming. Filmmakers leave small hints planted throughout the film to help you know what’s coming. However, some revelations are so shocking that they make you rethink every second of the movie until that point.

The following film expertly reveals their villains in an amazing, ingenious way. It should be a matter of course, but there are some great SPOILERS for the movies below, so proceed with caution.

The 10 most shocking villains reveal in film history

These surprising villains blew the minds of the audience. (Beware: Spoilers ahead.)

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