The 10 worst things about Wolverine

Wolverine is the best there is for what he does, but that does not mean he is the best at everything. Wolverine has grown from a one-time appearance in The amazing Hulk to one of Marvel’s most popular characters. He has appeared in countless thousands of comics, as well as cartoons, movies, video games and podcasts. Being a Marvel fan means having read a Wolverine story at some point.

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Although he has a legion of fans who closely follow him around the pop culture landscape, there are many things about Wolverine that can annoy even the most devoted aficionado. Wolverine is great, but he’s not perfect.

10 His popularity led to a legion of copywriters

x deaths of wolverines

Wolverine was easily the most popular character in the Marvel universe through the 80s and 90s. His no-nonsense way of dealing with his enemies helped create the anti-hero trend and led to a legion of copycats at Marvel and beyond. Soon there were all sorts of characters with mysterious pastes, which were the products of the government’s super-soldier projects, killing people.

Wolverine’s popularity helped make the comics’ gloomy and rough era possible, which was not always a good thing. For every good story with Wolverine and similar characters in the lead role, there is a legion of banal tales that set the comic book industry years back.

9 He overshadowed The Other X-Men

X-Men Legends Wolverine feature

The rise in X-Men’s popularity made Wolverine’s own star status possible, and he quickly became the book’s star. While some creators were able to balance their use of the character with others, many others showed obvious favoritism towards him even though he had his book, and he overshadowed other X-Men who did not have their books to focus on them. .

X men fans often had no choice but to read Wolverine-centered stories in books with rich cast that were not explored because of Wolverine. It turned off many fans who otherwise liked, but did not love, Wolverine.

8 Marvel’s reluctance to explain his origins led to many years of circular storytelling

Shiva vs Wolverine

Wolverine’s status as a man of mystery was very interesting for a while, when answers were analyzed that only brought more questions. Wolverine fans were eager for revelations, and Marvel kept them on the hook by promising big revelations. They never went anywhere, or old developments were ignored by using Weapon X memory implants to explain them away.

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While the books Origin and Wolverine origin revealed a lot of truths about his past, for years Marvel played coy, and it hurt the character. Many fans got tired of the way they were drawn and it hurt the stories in the long run.

7 For such a great name character, he does not have many great villains

Wolverine villain header

Wolverine has faced a lot of powerful villains, but most of them were not actually his villains. Villains like Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike had good stories and perfect reasons to hate him, but they are the exception, not the rule. For the most part, Wolverine’s other villains are not big.

Comparing Wolverine’s villains to other Marvel stars like Spider-Man or Captain America reveals a lack of great Wolverine villains. In addition to Sabretooth and a few others, Wolverine’s best enemies are X-Men enemies or those that other heroes also fight against. It’s a sad situation for one of Marvel’s most popular characters.

6 His girlfriends get chilled way too much

Wolverine, who kills Mariko

Wolverine is surprisingly irresistible to members of the opposite sex. He’s not traditionally handsome like Daredevil or Iron Man, and his girlfriends have a much worse track record than others. Most of Wolverine’s love interests end up in a body bag, and it is often used as a driving force for his revenge stories.

There is a disturbing tendency to kill women in comics to act as character development or story feed for male heroes. Wolverine’s girlfriends have been a poster child for this, as in addition to characters like Storm or Jean Gray, most of the women he loves end up being killed by his enemies in horrible ways.

5 His threat is inconsistent in his behavior

Wolverine In The Dark Pheonix Saga.

Wolverine is one of the most dangerous mutants on the planet. Except when he’s not, that is. Wolverine is a character who at various times has beaten characters as formidable as the Hulk, but who has also been shot by villains like Gorgon. Sometimes he can fight hundreds of ninjas all on his own, but then lose to Shingen Yashida, a non-superpowered human who is really good with a sword.

Superheroes often suffer from inconsistent levels of power across appearances, but few have suffered from this to the extent that Wolverine has. The way he has been built up would make one think he is almost invincible, but the number of times he has been easily sent off puts the lie on it.

4 He’s a terrible father

Mongreler and Wolverine during Daken's death split image

For years, one of Wolverine’s greatest enemies was his son Akihiro. Wolverine had thought he was dead when his pregnant mother was killed, and sentenced him to a horrible life that made Akihiro hate him and an easy piece for the villain Romulus to use against the hero. There was also the case of Mongrels, a group of his illegitimate children who were used by the red right hand to hunt Wolverine.

The only child that Wolverine has that he has mostly been on good terms with is Laura Kinney, and even their relationship was bad in the beginning. Wolverine’s fatherly abilities are nowhere near as great as his fighting ability, and he has killed his children on more than one occasion.

3 His attitude towards others is often awful

Not to chop words, but Wolverine is a fool. While he treats his friends better than almost any other hero, his standoffic nature makes getting to that point difficult. Even heroes he has known for years can be the target of Wolverine’s anger for reasons that do not match the reaction, and this held him back for years in the superhero community.

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Wolverine has had a difficult life, but that’s not an excuse for the way he can treat people. His sour nature has struck at the worst of times. Although he has undoubtedly gotten better, he still tends to blow up on people who would otherwise be his friends.

2 His healing factor is far too powerful

Wolverine has one of the most powerful healing factors in the Marvel universe. Over the years, it has gone from needing time to heal wounds depending on their severity to being able to completely regenerate him from a skeleton in a matter of days. While it can be argued that it is evolving, his high-octane healing factor has taken a lot of danger out of his stories.

Wolverine has become the ultimate tank and it has its drawbacks. It has honestly become ridiculous that he can heal from almost anything almost instantly. It can almost make most of his fights boring, as readers know he will take any blow and continue regardless of the injury.

1 Wolverine Ubiquity can be annoying

Wolverine in Fantastic Four and Wolverine in Avengers

Wolverine has been on every major Marvel team. He is an inevitable facet of X men books, and for years was featured in several Avengers books. He has even earned a stay in the Fantastic Four, which is quite rare for people who are not members of the extended Richards family. Wolverine has been everywhere, and for readers who are not into him, his overexposure can be annoying.

This also affects fans of Wolverine, as his appearances everywhere have diluted the character, especially since so many creators treat him so differently. It removes something special about him and muddies the water on the character even more. For a character like Wolverine, whose water is basically opaque anyway, that’s not a good thing.

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