The Avengers haunt the Star-Lord, even after their comic death

When Star-Lord returns to Earth and finds out that it is now a desolate wasteland, Peter Quill is haunted by the ‘ghosts’ of the fallen heroes he failed

Warning! This article contains spoilers for Wastelanders: Star-Lord # 1

In the post-apocalyptic wilderness of Marvel Comics future, first introduced to fans of the series The old man Logan, Star-Lord returns to Earth for the first time in decades only to be haunted by deceased members of Avengers. While Star-Lord is an intergalactic hero best known for his time spent on Guardians of the Galaxy, he is still a human whose priorities should perhaps have been more focused on Earth. With that thought circulating in his mind, the Star-Lord is haunted by the imaginary souls of the dead Avengers, who amplify his own guilt and despair.


IN Wastelanders: Star-Lord # 1 by Rich Douek and Brent Peeples, Peter Quill returns to Earth as an old man and testifies to the fallout of the post-apocalyptic future before him. As introduced in The old man Logan, the landscape of this disastrous future known as Wasteland came into being after every supervillain on Earth gathered under Red Skull and completely took over. In the process, almost all the heroes died as they tried to fight back against the villain’s takeover, a battle in which Star-Lord was not present.

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Because he did not help defend Earth from the takeover of the supervillain and the subsequent deaths of almost every superhero on the planet, Star-Lord is plagued by guilt. That guilt manifested itself when Peter saw ‘ghosts’ from his fallen comrades, imagining spirits that made him feel even worse about his intergalactic exploits while the Earth fell into chaos. While a number of the heroes who haunted Star-Lord when he returned to Earth were Avengers, a number of them were of another superhero group, and whose grizzly death was committed by another guilty hero, haunted by the memories of his ahead of time.

When Star-Lord came to Earth as Old Man Quill, he was greeted by ‘ghosts’ from the X-Men before encountering some deceased Avengers members. The first dead X-Men member he sees is Kitty Pryde, whose fictional ghost has the sharp wounds that killed her, wounds that were made by Wolverine. As shown in Old Man Logan, Wolverine was manipulated by Mysterio into killing all members of the X-Men when he thought they were a random selection of attacking supervillains according to Mysterio’s illusions. Peter Quill sees the outcome of this attack in his guilt-driven visions, believing that he might have stopped Wolverine before he caused so much chaos.

Star-Lords manifestation of guilt by seeing judgmental ghosts from his own creation is not a new phenomenon for Old Man Quill. In fact, the same thing happened to Star-Lord before the events of Wastelanders: Star-Lord when he saw his dead Guardians of the Galaxy crew members telling him to go to Earth. Although Star-Lord may not have been able to do anything to prevent the Earth’s downfall, and in fact could have become one of the dead himself, he still felt responsible for the carnage as he was not there to help the heroes in their struggle. This in turn led to Avengers haunted Star-Lord even after death.

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