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The best grades, ranked by Likability

Young Justice debuted way back in 2010 and introduced fans to a group of teenage superheroes desperate to get to their right. Over the years, the team has grown into full-fledged heroes who learn from every mistake and remain their amazing and entertaining selves.

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The show, which is currently airing its fourth season, has gathered a loyal army of followers over the years. Every fan has their favorite character, but some are certainly more popular than others. In fact, the most likeable characters in Young Justice stands out because of their related personalities and overall entertainment value.

10 Headland

Headgear wearing a helmet in Young Justice

Sweet, modest Forager was a beacon of light and hope in the particularly dark third season. His arrival brought a sense of warmth and innocence to the team, giving many cheerful and comic moments in the midst of all the intergalactic wars and meta-human smuggling.

Foragers’ schtick could quickly become tiring, and the show risks overusing him during the first half of the season. Fortunately, the dynamic between him and the other characters becomes more balanced once he joins the team, allowing his health to shine even brighter.

9 Rocket

Rocket Young Justice

Like a cartoon made for teenagers, Young Justice is not pale for dealing with groundbreaking topics. Rocket is a single mother who successfully balances her heroic life by taking care of her child in the comics. The show introduced her son, Amistad, in Outside, and Phantoms will definitely provide more details about her home life.

Rocket is deeply committed to his role as Justice Leaguer and does not shy away from a good fight. However, she is underdeveloped compared to other characters, but she shows so much promise based on her interactions with the others, especially Zatanna. Rocket recording in phantom‘s opening lyrics suggest a starring role in season four, meaning fans will finally be able to see her done right.


8 Black Lightning

Young Justice Black Lightning Batman Nightwing

Outside introduces a number of new characters, among them the powerful Black Lightning. He is one of Dick’s most prominent allies, appearing in almost every episode of the season and becoming the moral center of the series. Black Lightning also has some of the best powers in the series that stand out in the eternally scattered world of Young Justice.

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Jefferson is one of Outsiders’ most tragic figures. He goes through hell and back during the season, suffers significant losses and betrayals and earns the audience sympathy and respect. Despite the hardships, Jefferson remains steadfast and maintains his integrity, even when everyone else seems willing to compromise their morals for the benefit of the “mission.”

7 Zatanna

Zatanna Young Justice

Known worldwide as one of the most powerful magic users in the DC universe, Zatanna debuted midway through season 1 of Young Justice and quickly became a standout thanks to her bubbly, infectious personality. Her flirtatious relationship with Robin also captured the audience‚Äôs heart, and fans rejoiced as the two kissed during the season finale. Zatanna starred in some of Young Justice‘s best moments before the five-year time jump, cementing her place as a fan favorite.

Zatanna’s role became almost minimal in Invasion and Outside. However, she will make her triumphant return as a leading player in Phantoms. Her bow begins soon, perhaps as soon as Artemis is over. With the teasing that Klarion will also return, fans can not wait to see these two enemies strike up again.

6 Aquaman

Kaldur Aquaman and Young Justice Outsiders

Kaldu’ahm is the team leader throughout the first season. He is a stoic and dutiful Atlantean, an equally leader with the best interests of his team in mind. Kaldur undergoes significant growth through seasons and he even uses most of it Invasion deep undercover Black Manta’s organization to learn more about the series’ main antagonists, The Light.

By season three, Kaldur is the new Aquaman and one of the leaders of the Justice League. Of all the characters in the show, Kaldur changes the most, but he remains as determined and mature as ever. Kaldur is a naturally born leader, and the audience cheers every time he reaches a new milestone. Season three introduces his love interest, a young Atlantic man named Wyynde, making Kaldur one of DC’s fan-favorite LGBTQ + superheroes.

5 Super boy

Superboy with Beast Boy on his shoulder in Young Justice

Although he began as a furious living weapon, Superboy slowly transitioned to an empathetic and almost gentle leader, just like Big Blue himself. Despite his supernatural abilities, Superboy is one of the most related characters in the series because he represents the familiar and almost universal sense of being an outsider looking inward.

His relationship with Miss Martian is also a favorite among fans worldwide who could not wait to see these two finally tie the knot in season four. Hearts broke at the same time as he apparently died in an attempt to save Mars from a bomb inside Phantoms’ fourth paragraph. Still, things are rarely what they appear in the show, and whether Superboy is dead or not is still one of the biggest questions fans have about Young Justice.

4 Miss Martian

Miss Martian animated in the desert

Miss Martian is without a doubt the most powerful member of the team, but she is also remarkably human. She is sweet, empathetic, kind and willing to lend a hand. M’Gann made serious mistakes in season two, but she grew out of them and rose to become a bonafide leader and mentor.

M’Gann is the series’ mother figure, acting as a kind of stepparent for Beast Boy and a constant guide to the younger superheroes on the team. Like all other characters in Young Justice, M’Gann made keeps changing and evolving. She is currently going through the darkest period of her life and mourns Conner’s death. Phantoms will not make things easier for M’Gann in the future, but fans know she will find her way back into the light.

3 Kid Flash

Wally West in her Kid Flash costume stands under the snow and smiles in Young Justice

It is a testament to his immense popularity that Kid Flash remains an absolute fan favorite, despite having been dead for 10 years. Introduced as the team’s class clown, Young Justice‘s Wally West made a quick impression thanks to his funny joke, charm and relentless attitude. As a child at heart, Wally’s romance with Artemis surprised viewers, but everyone jumped aboard the ship and did not look back.

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Wally sacrifices himself in the season two finale, saving the world and leaving a broken heart Artemis. His loos also hit Dick markedly, as the two were childhood friends. Wally’s absence is felt strongly throughout Outside, which leads many viewers to hope he returns in season four. And while nothing is certain, hope eventually dies, and Wally’s return would make millions of people very happy.

2 Tigress

Tigress strikes a blow in Young Justice

In many ways, Artemis Crock is the audience replacement in Young Justice. When she joins the team, she keeps her background secret, afraid of how the others will react. She grows to trust the others along the way, just as the audience learns to take care of the characters. By season three, Artemis is a respected and confident leader and a first-class candidate to lead the team.

Phantoms is currently airing Artemis’ Bow, an espionage story that shows all of her best qualities. Artemis is a true empath, a leader who leaves no one behind. Despite her traumatic childhood and the loss of the love of her life, she retains her faith in others. She is willing to risk her life by trusting Onyx and Cassandra and continues to believe in her sister, despite Jade’s constant betrayal, earning the audience’s love in the process.

1 Natvinge

Dick Grayson is Young Justice‘s secret weapon. He is the ultimate leader of the series despite his reluctance to behave like one. Like his mentor, Dick is willing to make the difficult choices, but remains pure at heart. As the most experienced member of the team, Dick could easily represent everything that is wrong with superhero life. Instead, he fights these urges and inspires others to do the same.

Young Justice avoids showing the many messy things Nightwing goes through in the comics. However, it does not shy away from the tragedies and traumas of Dick’s past. Like his cartoon counterpart, Dick’s greatest strength is his unbreakable will. He has no superpowers or incredible abilities, but he has an unsurpassed desire to do good and help others.

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