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Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever-growing world, home to all sorts of colorful characters. Some of them come from distant worlds, while others are just ordinary people with power placed on them. Some of them use that power for good, while others use it for more sinister intentions.

But some of the most lovable stars in MCU are not heroes or villains – or even humans, for that matter. Some of the greatest unsung masters of MCU are its cute and adorable pets. Some of them are ordinary animals, while others have their own superpowers. But they all have one thing in common: they are all downright adorable.


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The most prominent pet to date in MCU is Captain Marvel’s loyal cat, Goose – originally named Chewie in the comics as a reference to Chewbacca by Star wars fame, but renamed after one Top Gun character to the big screen. Goose was originally owned by Carol Danvers’ mentor Mar-Vell, aka Dr. Wendy Lawson, and remained at SHIELD Base, where she worked long after her death. When Goose sees Carol return to base with Nick Fury, she does not hesitate to take part in their adventure.

Of course, it’s revealed near the end of the film that Goose is not a cat at all, but rather a deadly alien entity known as a Flerken, who hides a seemingly endless belly of tentacles under his sweet orange tabby face. Goose proves to be instrumental in stopping the Kree Empire from taking control of Tesseract (aka the cosmic cube, also called the Infinity Stone of Space), and swallowing it whole to keep it safe. Even then, Goose is just as temperamental as a real cat, as shown when she scratches Fury’s left eye out. Goose is last seen in Fury’s custody after Carol leaves Earth, but with Fury even now in space, it may not be long before Captain Marvel is reunited with his loyal Flerken.

Lucky pizza dog in Hawkeye

The latest addition to MCU’s cast of pets, and arguably one of the cutest to date, Lucky – also known as “Pizza Dog” – is prominent in Hawkeye TV series about Disney Plus. In the comics, Lucky is introduced in the first issue of Matt Fraction and David Ajas 2012 Hawkeye series, which acts as the primary influence behind the MCU Hawkeye show. In the source material, the golden retriever is rescued by Clint after losing an eye in a meeting with the training mafia. Clint takes the dog in and renames him after seeing that the name of his collar is, as fate would have it, “Arrow”.

In the TV series, Kate Bishop is the one who adopts and eventually names Lucky – and also introduces him to pizza, for that matter. Unlike Goose, Lucky is an ordinary pet without any special powers, so he always stays at home when fighting crimes. But even though he’s just an ordinary dog, Lucky the Pizza Dog has managed to capture the hearts of fans everywhere.


Shifts gears from the worldly back to the supernatural, Morris from Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings is a mysterious creature known as a Dijiang from the supernatural kingdom of Ta Lo. Originally, Morris belonged to Ying Li, mother of Shang-Chi and wife of Wenwu. But after her death, he became friends with Wenwus captured Trevor Slattery, also known as the fake mandarin from Iron Man 3. Morris is just as nice as he is helpful, and he helps Shang-Chi and Katy reach Ta Lo before Wenwu and his forces.


The most fateful pet on this list, Sparky is in the fifth episode of WandaVision, where the wire-haired Jack Russell terrier is adopted by Wanda’s twin sons Billy and Tommy. But while Sparky quickly falls in love with the Maximoff family, he is found dead before the episode ends. It is revealed at the end of the next episode that the culprit behind Sparky’s death was none other than the witch Agatha Harkness, also known as Wanda’s neighbor Agnes. The villains of MCU have committed no shortage of heinous crimes, from attempting to take over the world to wiping out half of life in the universe. But out of all these atrocities, it is perhaps the most unforgivable thing to kill a cute, innocent puppy.

Ant-Man drums

One of the strangest pets in MCU is not a dog or a cat or even a supernatural being, but an ant that was accidentally magnified by Ant-Man’s Pym particles during his fight with the Yellowjacket. The giant ant sticks after the fight, and it is shown that Scott’s daughter Cassie liked the insect. Later, i Ant-Man and the Wasp, Giant Ant returns as part of Scott’s plan to escape his house arrest. Oddly enough, although Scott tends to name his favorite ants (Ant-thony in the first movie, Ant-tonio Banderas in the second), the Giant Ant never gets its own name, hence the generic nomenclature here.


This roaming labrador appears very briefly in the MCU, but he’s just too valuable to omit. Cosmo is introduced i Guardians of the Galaxy as one of the prisoners in the Collector’s Collection, who is liberated when the Collector’s long-suffering assistant Carina destroys the museum with the Power Stone. Cosmo reappears in the film’s post-credit scene and licks the face of the depressed Collector to Howard the Duck’s disgust. Cosmo reappears in the second episode of What if…?, stowed away on T’Challa’s ship after his battle with Collector and accompanied the Ravagers to Wakanda.


Super pets are not just for the heroes – this giant Asgardian wolf is Hela’s loyal watchdog in Thor: Ragnarök. In both the comics and the myths that inspired them, Fenris (aka Fenrir, aka Fenris Wolf) is not a wild animal, but a god in his own right, not to mention Loki’s son and Hela’s brother. But in MCU, Fenris is apparently no more intelligent than an ordinary wolf and is portrayed as Hela’s pet rather than her siblings. But no matter what, the big screen Fenris is tough enough to take on the Hulk itself.

Alligator Loki Poster Marvel at Disney Plus

When we talk about Asgardian creatures, this last post would probably protest against being called a pet – if he could talk, that is. Alligator Loki is, as his name suggests, a version of Loki, who is also an alligator. It is never explained how or why this Loki is an alligator, but he is counted among the series of Loki variants in the fifth episode of Loki Season 1. He may not have the great mysterious powers from his co-variants, but he is still not to be joked with. Just ask President Loki, who got his hand bitten by Alligator Loki during a tense standoff. It just shows that anything is possible in an infinite multiverse.

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