The Big Mysterio Problem No Way Home is going to ignore frustratingly

Mysterious lies about the multiverse in Spider-Man: Far From Home turn out to be surprisingly accurate for the MCU – including in a very strange detail.

A surprising MCU retcon gets Mysterio’s lies in Spider-Man: Far from home a reality, even if it seems likely Spider-Man: No Way Home will ignore the problem. The multiverse has become a central part of the MCU’s Phase 4, but it was set up in the strangest possible way – with permission from Mysterio, the villain from Spider-Man: Far from home, who lied about originating from another universe. Mysterio and his allies had rightly realized that people became too familiar with the strange and crazy, and consequently they spun a multiversal lie that even deceived Skrull Talos, who imitated Nick Fury.


Mysterio claimed to be descended from Earth-833, a deep cut from comic book history – a dimension that does not have a Spider-Man because its version of Peter Parker left his home to become a member of the multiverse Captain Britain Corps. According to Mysterio, Earth-833 had been attacked by elemental beings who had eventually consumed the entire planet, and Mysterio had traveled through the dimensions to the mainstream MCU to help stop the creatures from destroying another Earth. In fact, it was nothing more than a meticulously crafted lie that one Peter Parker in particular embraced with enthusiasm. But oddly enough, a detail of Mysterio’s deception has been confirmed by Marvel.

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According to MCU manufacturer Nate Moore, the MCU is Earth-616 – the same name used by Mysterio. This reference is traditionally assigned to the main comic book timeline, where it was first used in Marvel UK’s Daredevils # 7 back in 1983; Although usually credited to author Alan Moore and artist Alan Davis, Moore has suggested that it was actually invented by his predecessor about the title, Dave Thorpe. Whatever the true origin may be, Mysterio’s attempt to use the name “Earth-616” for the MCU timeline was met with disbelief by comic book readers when it was revealed in an extended clip from Spider-Man: Far from home. In fact, it was seen as significant proof that Mysterio lied, because until now, viewers have considered the MCU to be Earth-199999.

Doctor Strange Multiverse Collapse

Ironically, Marvel Comics executives seem to have hated the Earth-616 designation because it hinted that their stories did not really matter because the Earth they were based on was nothing special – it was not even the first Earth to in DC Comics, but instead it was 616. They tried a reset after the 2015s Secret wars event where the editors insisted that the re-creation of the multiverse meant that this was now “Prime Universe”. Unfortunately, writers either did not take the note, or they also disagreed with the editorial decision because they continued to use 616 regardless, and the idea of ​​”Prime Universe” has essentially been forgotten in the mists of time. So there is a certain irony in Marvel Studios, which is now trying to claim the 616 designation.

The strange thing, of course, is that so many of Mysterio’s lies seem to be coming true in Spider-Man: No Way Home. After being lied to about the multiverse, Peter Parker is thrown into the real thing, though it’s still unknown if Mysterio himself shows up, but no matter what, it’s hard to imagine an explanation for how he got this specific detail. right. After fighting a false sandman, an elemental created by Mysterio, he now takes on the real sandman from another earth – as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. And now even something quite right for specific, MCU’s designation in the multiverse, is confirmed by Marvel shortly after Moore will have been present at a summit that drafted the rules for their multiverse. It’s strange how so many of Mysterios lie in Spider-Man: Far from home is becoming the basis of the MCU’s Phase 4 multiverse.

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