The book by Boba Fett is not the show Star Wars fans expected: Why it’s good

While The Book of Boba Fett is not quite what fans might have expected, its ability to surprise with new directions and depth is generally a good thing.

Warning! Spoilers ahead too The book about Boba Fett

While The book about Boba Fett maybe not what fans thought it would be before the series’ premiere at Disney +, that’s actually a good thing. The new Star wars the show has gone in some dynamic new directions and offers surprising levels of depth and dimension, not only to the titular character of Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison), but also to many elements that have been part of the galaxy far, far away since 1977. In instead of just spinning out Mandalorianeren, which confirmed Fett’s survival from the Sarlacc tomb, The book about Boba Fett has provided some great new insights into pre-existing characters, creatures and worlds, while introducing brand new elements to Star wars franchise in some really unexpected and refreshing ways.


After publishing its first three episodes, The book about Boba Fett has already proven to be a unique chapter within the larger franchise. To divide his time between the days of Boba Fett immediately after his escape from Sarlacc and his return to the desert world of Tatooine after helping Din Djarin in The Mandalorian, this new series covers a lot of land that spans almost five years after the events of The return of the Jedi. As such, The book about Boba Fett is much more than a simple spin-off show from creator Jon Favreau.

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So far, The book about Boba Fett has revealed new dimensions of humanity to the largely mysterious bounty hunter who has chosen to follow a new path to becoming a crime lord on Tatooine. It has also provided new insights into the planet’s original tribes known as the Tusken Raiders as well as the monstrous Rancor species, proving that both are much more than one could see when they were first introduced. Combined with new character revelations and references to the past Star wars lore, The book about Boba Fett has apparently achieved an impressive balance, having found a way to go beyond what fans could have expected when the series was first announced, while creating viewer satisfaction and excitement for the upcoming episodes.

The Book Of Boba Fett is not what Star Wars fans expected

Boba Fett on Jabba Throne

By the exit of The Mandalorianseason 2, Boba Fett and Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) were seen infiltrating Jabba the Hutt’s palace after helping Djarin save the child known as Grogu. When he killed Bib Fortuna and sat on the throne of the late Jabba, the implication was that Boba would replace him as a criminal on Tatooine and serve as a teaser for The book about Boba Fett. While that concept is very true now that the series is airing, it’s more than a simple linear story with Lord Fett and his attempt to position himself as Tatooine’s latest daimyo.

After these first three episodes, it has become clear Star wars has gone in a very different direction for the former bounty hunter than fans might have imagined. ONE Boba Fett feature had been in various stages of development for years, giving fans plenty of time to form their own theories and expectations of what a project with one of Star wars’ most popular characters could be like. However, it seems unlikely that fans would have ever imagined it The book about Boba Fett would be what it really is – a humanizing and dynamic tale filled with flashbacks to the past, stemming from an earlier series about a different bounty hunter wearing Mandalorian armor.

How Boba Fett’s book elaborates on Star Wars characters and worlds

The book about Boba Fett has also expanded Star wars galaxy in some rather dynamic ways, especially on the planet Tatooine itself. In addition to Boba Fett’s unique character, the series has offered new insights and dimensions to characters who have been a part of the galaxy for decades, and have changed viewers’ perspectives in some truly surprising ways. As a perfect example, the Tusken Raiders and their status as a noble native tribe who see the planet’s waters as sacred have never really been seen in previous films. Instead, they were portrayed as savages and villains to be feared. While The Mandalorian laid the foundation for this new lens, The book about Boba Fett has doubled along with Tuskens, seeing Fett survive Sarlacc thanks to the Sand People and eventually earning their respect, becoming an established member of their clan. Furthermore, the current timeline where Fett seeks to become a respected criminal lord has offered new insights into Rancors in a very similar way.

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other than that The book about Boba Fett has expanded knowledge of Star wars with some impressive and unexpected fan service, such as the live-action debut of the cartoon character Black Krrsantan or the cousins ​​of Jabba the Hutt (known as the Twins). Moreover, there have also been some surprising references to the past, such as the reintegration of a deleted scene from A new hope and bring it back in Star wars canon after 44 years, as well as key name drops such as the confirmation that the witches from Dathomir once rode rancors (which Boba Fett wants to do with his own loving beast). In summary, while some of these characters and references may not promote the evolution of Boba Fett as much, they expand and deepen the world of Tatooine and its inhabitants, arguably one of the most important planets in Star wars galaxy.

How Book Of Boba Fett Makes Boba Fett A Much Better Grade

Temuera Morrison in The Book of Boba Fett

It seems like the only really expected moment The book about Boba Fett provided was Fett’s survival and escape from Sarlacc. That series could certainly have been more like what fans expected a few years before the release of The Mandalorian, perhaps Fett is continuing his career as a bounty hunter, seeking revenge or wanting to restore his damaged reputation. Instead, the series has humanized Boba Fett as he seeks to rule through respect rather than fear. Since Fett has always been perceived as one of the most interesting and “coolest” characters in Star wars, taking him in this new direction is a good thing, offering something new to the character beyond what was already known about him.

While the core of who Boba Fett is remains, The book about Boba Fett gives him something to strive for that is greater than just profits from gifts, and it is as refreshing as it is surprising. Combined with all the new expansions and perspectives for the characters and creatures that surround the titular criminal, there is hope for the new Star wars the series continues to provide the unexpected as it continues.

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The book about Boba Fett publishes new episodes on Wednesdays at Disney +.

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