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The Canberra family’s trash can left by the Suez truck for two weeks

A family in Canberra has become confused after a new rubbish bin employee refused to empty their rubbish bin for two weeks in a row.

An ugly fight has taken place after a truck driver refused to collect household waste from a family of nine for two weeks in a row.

Ahmad Souweid and his family were out in front of their home in Chisholm, Canberra, on Tuesday last week when the Suez truck, driven by a new worker, arrived to collect their garbage.

“We waved, but he did not respond, then took the trash and just put it back,” Souweid told

After calling the company to explain the situation, another employee was sent out later that afternoon to empty the trash – but that was far from the end of the family’s problems.

“This week the same man came and we were in the front yard again and he picked it up and dropped it, same as the week before,” Souweid said.

He called the company for the second time, but only to be transferred six times between employees until he finally spoke to a manager.

Mr Souweid said the man argued that his family’s rubbish bin must have exceeded the permissible weight of 80 kg, claiming he had seen footage proving it to be true.

It was a claim that Souweid strongly doubted, saying he had personally weighed this week’s trash can himself, and it came in at 57.4kg, well below the limit.

“I even offered to pay the staff prices so they could come down and pay extra if the trash was actually overweight, but he said no,” Souweid said.

The only solution the employee offered was that the family themselves could find a way to deliver the trash to the tip, Souweid claimed.

“The biggest thing that confused me was that he said I should pay to get it thrown out because I already pay the council,” he said.

After the hassle last week, the family ordered a larger trash can from the council, which they hoped would solve the problem, but it did not seem to make a difference.

“I’m generally just really disappointed,” Mr. Souweid.

Souweid shares the home with his two parents and six other children, who regularly gather in front of the home and wave to passersby.

Waste collection company responds

Suez stood by her employee when contacted by, claiming that the family’s trash can exceeded the maximum weight limit.

“Suez is aware of a complaint from a resident of Chisholm whose housing fund was automatically rejected by our garbage collection vehicle because of its weight,” a spokesman said.

“The hydraulic system on our waste vehicles is designed to accommodate loads up to a maximum weight.

“When the resident’s rubbish bin was exceeded this weight, the vehicle was unable to lift and read it.

“We have informed the resident that in order for the container to be emptied, it is necessary to reduce the weight and look forward to servicing the rubbish bin at the next collection.”

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