The Coolest Fortnite Creative Codes to Play in 2022 (Custom Cards)

In Fortnite, players design cool custom maps in creative mode, ranging from scary to whimsical or simply practical to the 2022 season.

IN Fortnite, players have the opportunity to use the creative mode to design fully customized cards. Some custom cards can offer an extremely competitive environment for players to practice on, and other cards can offer a unique setting for a more relaxed gaming experience. Many custom cards are themed around genres or specific media, allowing players to play in some of their favorite settings.

Horror is a popular choice for creative mind maps in Fortnite, and The Visit-Biohazard (6496-9997-4696) is a particularly good card reference Resident Evil 7. Also, horror embraces the map called The Creekwood Tracks (6496-9997-4696), where players are on the hunt for their missing sister. This eerie card includes an entire story within the 20-minute gaming experience. Finally, the appropriately named Hauntophobia (6621-4642-3997) is designed to look like an escape room. The catch of this card is that five players try to escape while one player chases them and the players have the option to choose between two difficulties.


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For a more whimsical environment, players can try the custom card The North Pole: Deathrun (7773-6191-5527). This card offers players 25 easy to medium levels to complete, and players will feel immersed in the environment as they interact with snowballs, holiday lights and other holiday decorations in Fortnite. Similar to the North Pole: Deathrun is Tinker’s Toystore (0632-6317-2480), which has a theme around a store during the holiday season. The many times offer many places to hide, and players who survive can even find Santa Claus.

Fortnite: Cool custom maps and how to use them

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Another custom theme card is Toy Story Prop Hunt (5530-6235-0681). Inspired by the film Toy Story, players will hide in Andy’s bedroom while fighting their opponents. For those looking for a more exciting atmosphere, Turbo Dash: Neo City is a city-wide game. The twist to this card is that the assigned taggers will be eliminated after 30 seconds in this ad Fortnite town. After practicing their speed in Turbo Dash: Neo City, players can work on their trickshots in Trickshot Utopia V2 (6791-3236-9115). This card allows players to test some impossible images and is perfect for those who want to capture some epic footage in the game.

For players looking for a challenging custom map, Shotgun Aim Course (3526-8335-4329) allows them to hone their skills with a melee shotgun in close combat. Similarly, Ultimate Edit & Aim Course (3526-8335-4329) challenges players to 45 training sections, ranging from basic training to editing training, and ends with Aim Training. One of the more challenging custom cards is Box Fight (0377-0055-2829). This custom card in Fortnite allows players to fight in, as the name suggests, a box instead of the entire card with teams of one to four players. With no place to hide, this course is ideal for those hoping to improve their competitiveness.

To use custom card codes created by other players, go to the Creative Player hub and go to a selection window. The option to change destination should appear, prompting players to enter a code. In addition, the game will provide more potential places to visit if players are looking for an environmental change without having a specific map in mind.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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