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True story with Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in the lead roles is currently number one on Netflix, and the finale left viewers with more than a few questions – here is True story end explained. True story is about two brothers who get wrapped up in a spiral of lies that start when Kevin Hart’s character Kid, a stand-up comedian from Philadelphia, wakes up next to a woman who has apparently died of an overdose. Written by Eric Newman, the seven-episode drama series sees Hart play a fictional version of himself dealing with star-studded stress and spotlight, while trying to bury their faults as things go from bad to worse.


IN True story, Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes play brothers fighting to cover up the murder of a Greek gangster named Ari (Billy Zane). Coming to America star Wesley Snipe’s character hired Ari as a fixer to cover up Daphne’s death. When Ari decides to ask Kid for $ 6 million – which Kid would then be audited for – Kid feels he has no choice but to strangle Ari to death. This begins a domino effect, as each time the brothers think they are ready, something else shows them that they are still back to square one. All of this ends up contributing to the reason why many viewers want to True story end explained.

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The constant pressure on Kid to hide the murder he committed leads to an intense final episode, and the explosive finale leaves the audience looking for True story end explained. Carlton, played by BladeWesley Snipes, worries that Kids fan Gene (Theo Rossi) will follow them for the rest of their lives as the only person who knows what they did about Ari. Because of this, he stabs Gene in the back by handing him over to Ari’s brothers, who immediately kill the innocent man. Things take a sharp turn when Kid discovers that Carlton offered to pay Daphne (whose real name is Simone) to help him falsify her death as a way to get money from Kid. The last episode results in the deaths of four more people, but why?

Why did Kid kill Carlton?

Kevin Hart True Story Cast

The obvious answer on the surface to this is that Carlton caused every single problem Kid faced throughout the season. Carlton is the one who pressured his brother to break his sobriety so he could make him drunk enough to faint. He told Simone he would pay her to play dead and help blackmail Kid. He told Kid he could not call an ambulance to try to help Simone by making him believe his life would be over. He brought Ari in to blackmail Kid, got Gene killed, and he took $ 600,000 that he could not pay back from Ari and his brothers. He regularly asked Kid for large sums, which he would quickly squander. Even then, Kid initially had no plans to kill him.

Kids primary motivation for finally killing his brother was that he needed a story for the police after he killed Ari’s brothers. He needed another story that was not based on truth, and he knew it could not be Carltons. After Kid killed Ari’s brothers, Carlton immediately started talking about how he would fix everything. Carlton said he wanted to lead and talk to the police because he already knew what to say, but his stories were what had gotten Kid in trouble to begin with. He told the comedian over and over again that he would fix things when all he was doing was making them worse. Eventually, Kid realized that it was he who was cleaning up his brother’s mess, and Carlton had no intention of creating another one that he could handle.

Why did Carlton blackmail his brother?

Carlton blackmailed his brother for six million dollars. He originally asked for $ 600,000 to pay his debt to Ari, but later Ari reveals that they want a total of six million dollars that would be transferred through Carlton as an intermediary. Although Kid had agreed to give Carlton the money in advance, his brother still had no plans to cancel things. Carlton also told his girlfriend Simone (played by Night teeth‘s Ash Santos) that she would get a few hundred thousand, which would not have been possible with only the $ 600,000 because he owed every penny of that money to Ari’s family. In the end, Carlton puts this together True story scheme because Kid had already given him hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years and the greedy brother knew he would not get much more to pay his $ 600,000 debt and continue living his irresponsible lifestyle.

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Why did Kid not reveal Carlton in the interview?

Kevin Hart's true story

Kid did not expose Carlton as being the one who blackmailed him because it would be easier for the rest of the world to believe that a gangster who tortured and killed people for not paying him back was the one who blackmailed him. Kid, like Kevin Hart, was always in the public spotlight, a theme that was constantly pushed through all seven episodes, and his negative relationship with his brother would have put more pressure on him to provide a further explanation. Kid did not reveal him either and tarnished his memory, for though he would never see him again, Carlton was still his brother, and part of him still wanted to be able to think of Carlton that way. It was easy for Kid to come to terms with if he told everyone that two people who were practically complete strangers were to blame, than to shift focus to the brother he had known all his life.

Why did Kid not kill Herschel?

Child did not kill True story character Herschel because there was no need for it and if he had, it would potentially have created yet another mess. Ari and his brothers were dead. Carlton was dead. Carlton’s girlfriend was dead. Gene was dead. Every loose end had already been taken care of, and if Herschel had been murdered, there would be no one else with any motivation. Kid would be immediately suspected and there would be no one else to put it on. Kid also trusted Herschel and wanted him around. Herschel helped him from day one, and when he told Kid he wanted to continue, Kid agreed to give him six million dollars without objection. Herschel was upset that Kid had potentially put Billie in danger, but he did not know the whole story, so it was easier for him to accept that it was actually almost entirely Carlton’s fault, even though Kid had killed Ari.

The real meaning of the true story-ending explained

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Throughout True story, Kevin Hart’s Kid consistently fought against who he used to be and who he wanted to be. When Kid returned home to Philly and started spending time with his brother again, he was drawn back to his past. When he was stressed after Ari’s death and treated his friends badly as a result, they all expressed their fear that he was becoming the “old” kid again – one he certainly would not be. When Kid killed his brother, he also killed the person he used to be and the life he no longer wanted. Carlton represented the old Kid and all the past mistakes he wanted to put behind him. Simply put: Carlton was Kids’ past, and Herschel was his present. Herschel represented the child who made people laugh, visited children’s hospitals, was a father and played a superhero. It is True storythe end explained.

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