The Eternals author confirms the fate of one key person

Eternal spoilers follow.

Marvels Eternal made viewers wonder about the fate of one of its protagonists.

After betraying his family by choosing to side with Arishem’s great design to destroy the Earth, Richard Madden’s Ikarus can no longer face the rest of the Eternal.

He lives up to his legend and flies into the sun and kills himself. But in the MCU, no one is really alive until you see a body (and even then it is cloudy).

But the film’s co-author Kaz Firpo has now confirmed what really happened to Ikarus.

richard madden as ikaris, eternal

Marvel Studios

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“What’s the melting point of an Eternal? How long does it literally take to melt an Eternal robot? For what is it worth … well, it always has been. He can not bear to look his family in the eye for what he has done, which he realizes, “Firpo said CBR.

The author went on to explain that in his mind, Icarus does not think he is wrong, but he has “so much regret”. “He’s very sad. I think he’s sad the way he lived his whole life on this planet, and that’s a big burden to bear.”

Framed in this way, Ikarus’ last act can be seen as admitting that he made a mistake but was unable to face his family or keep living, Firpo said.

richard madden as ikaris, gemma chan as sersi, eternal

Marvel Studios

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As for whether Ikarus should always die, Firpo explained how “it started as an exile that I think, throughout the filmmaking, really became something that was going to be final.”

“It really is a moment to say, ‘It’s a victim.’ It is in a way to say, “I can not serve the eternal. If I can not serve the heavenly, and I can not be with my family, then I choose this third option, “which – for him – is truly oblivion.

“So yes, he’s dead.”

Then it’s decided.

Eternal now playing in American and British cinemas.

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