The Eternals’ main romance had a huge forgotten problem

Today, we look at how the romance between Sersi and Black Knight in the Avengers wallets from the 1990s had an aspect that everyone seems to have forgotten.

This is “How Can I Explain?”, Which is a feature that focuses on inexplicable cartoon plots.

The romance in the Eternals movie between Sersi and Dane Whitman was based on a remarkable romance in Avengers between the two, but it’s funny how there was a big part of the story that was overlooked at the time.

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One of the central plots of Bob Harras, Steve Epting, and Tom Palmer, running on Avengers, revolved around the love triangle (rectangle?) Between Black Knight, Crystal, and Sersi (and also Crystal’s estranged husband, Quicksilver). Crystal joined the Avengers during an alienation from Quicksilver. Black Knight longed for her, but was on guard when she was still married. Sersi, meanwhile, searched for Black Knight and pressured him at all “you and I are actually single, unlike Crystal.” Crystal, meanwhile, was also attracted to the Black Knight. That was a whole thing.

However, everything became much more complicated when Sersi had formed a Uni-Mind with an alien race, and after that was done, her mind seemed to be a little out of shape. Her other eternal states that she suffers from an exacerbated mental illness known as Mahd Wy’ry. The tradition among the Eternal is just to kill any Eternal who suffers from this affliction, but instead they agree to just form a soul bond between Sersi and the Black Knight, in the hope that his mind can soothe her in that way.

The problem with what we see in Avengers # 361 (by Harras, Epting and Palmer) is that they only asked SERSI if that was what she wanted before they did. They’ve never done it with Black Knight and the boy, he’s not happy …

He visits Crystal and tells her that even though his soul may be attached to Sersi, he does not love her. He loves Crystal and he can tell that over the last year she has also been attracted to him and they kiss …

While Sersi watches. Awwwwwwwwwkkward.

But, what no one knew at the time was that an alternative reality villain, Proctor, who had messed with the Avengers, had been in a Gann Josin bond with Sersi of HIS world, so it was HE who made her seem mentally unstable as he convicted her of crimes and then messed with her head. It turned out that he was also his reality version of The Black Knight. Meanwhile, he killed people and involved her for it. He goes from reality to reality and punishes the Sersis he finds.

IN Avengers # 375 (by Harras, Epting and Palmer), Sersi finally killed Proctor, but the work he had done to mess with her mind had been enough and she quickly fell apart. By this time, Crystal had been reunited with Quicksilver, and Black Knight felt like being noble, so when Sersi was given the opportunity to leave this reality to address her mental issues, Black Knight insisted on taking her as he felt . guilty that a version of himself had caused this. So they went to another dimension together …

The pair ended up in Ultraverse, a superhero universe created by Malibu Comics that Marvel had recently acquired. Sersi then returned to the Marvel universe, while Black Knight remained in Ultraverset. This lasted for a year or so before the Black Knight returned and their Gann Josin connection started again and the couple traveled through time together, as seen in Black Knight: Exodus # 1 (by Ben Raab, Jimmy Cheung and Andy Lanning) …

When the story ended, Sersi took the couple back to the present.

We saw Black Knight end in New York, separated from Sersi, in Heroes for rent # 2 (by John Ostrander, Pascual Ferry and Jaime Mendoza). In the fourth issue of that series (same creative team), we learned that when they returned to the present, the Gann Josin ribbon was broken. However, Sersi appears at the end of the number and looks for the Danes’ help. The Black Knight explained the lost connection again in the following issue (which was nice since it was one page instead of two as in # 4) …

Sersi had returned and was caught in an Eternals plot, and Heroes for Hire helps save the day, and when things are settled, in Heroes for rent # 7 (by Ostrander, Ferry and Mendoza), Black Knight and Sersi are separated forever …

Fair enough, right? But here’s the thing – the tape had been broken before they had ever left the Marvel universe !!

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Do you see, i Avengers # 373 (by Harras, Epting and Palmer), Sersi has apparently been exposed to the Avengers as a psychotic killer. Black Knight tries to reason with her, but their soul ties allow her to mess with his head in a painful way …

Crystal confronts them and tries to break Black Knight out of it, and suddenly it looks like he’s breaking out of it a bit!

It scares Sersi, and she reckons they all think she’s a killer, so why not prove them right? So she goes to murder Crystal, and the Black Knight breaks free directly from the soul that has to stop her …

She’s shocked that Black Knight is breaking the bond of the soul, and she’s just going crazy and creating a tidal wave …

Fortunately, the other Eternals appear in the next issue to save everyone and stop the tidal wave, and the Eternals are all shocked that Black Knight has broken the soul bond …

So when he goes with her in the next issue, it’s completely without a soul band, and so all the comics that followed that made them still have a soul band were clearly just a coincidence that someone was not paying attention along the way . Pretty fun, really. I mean, of course, you can hand wave it and say that the soul band kind of kicked in again, but it was certainly not shown in the comics.

Thanks to Alex Jamieson to point out this plot hole out to me last year on Twitter! I could not find the reference when I searched on Facebook and my email, and of course it was on Twitter! Thank you so much, Alex! If anyone else can think of a good inexplicable cartoon plot, write to me at!

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