The expired trailer reveals Hugo Weaving, Ryan Kwanten in a futuristic conspiracy

Lionsgate has debuted the trailer and poster for Expired, and Collider can exclusively reveal a look at the upcoming sci-fi thriller starring Ryan Kwanten (Real blood, Dead silent) and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, Lord of the Rings franchise). The plot in the not so distant future, Expired follows a hired killer who becomes infected with a deadly disease after crossing the wrong people.

The trailer presents a future where skyscrapers occupy urban landscapes, and neon lights pulsate with ads everywhere. Not so different from our time, human relationships have become more distant in this future, which increases the feeling that we are completely alone and all we can do is survive without anyone’s help. That’s why Jack (Kwanten) decides to become a hitman and gets paid to take the lives of others. In the cold concrete jungle there is no room for morality.


One day, Jack crosses the road with a nightclub singer named April (Jillian Nguyen), and the two fall in love. But the closer Jack gets to April, the faster his body mysteriously deteriorates. That’s why Jack decides to ask for help from the withdrawn life extender, Dr. Bergman (Weaving), who reveals that a mysterious artificial disease has infected the assassin. To survive, Jack must keep his distance until April. Otherwise he will be hit by some powerful and dangerous people. The problem is that Jack feels that his love for April is his last chance to get in touch with humanity, so he decides to go after the people who infected him and reveal the secrets of his own past.

Image via Lionsgate

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Written and directed by Ivan Sen (Goldstone, Mystery Road), Expired was formerly known as Loveland. In a talk with Collider about what got him involved in the project, Hollywood legend Weaving said:

“I just loved the idea of ​​this love story taking place in a near future city. It’s basically about the loneliness that comes from being split up in a mechanized world, and the impossibility of love in a world where people are separated from each other and dependent on the machine.He is [Sen] a great filmmaker and it’s a great idea. The best thing about sci-fi is that you can shed light on the world you live in now, even if it actually takes place somewhere in the future. “

Expired will be available in select theaters and on demand on March 18th. Watch the new trailer and exclusive poster below.

Here is Expiredofficial synopsis:

Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”) and Hugo Weaving (The Matrix series) star in this futuristic thriller about a hired killer who meets a mysterious woman and is struck by a deadly disease.

expired movie image

expired film image Ryan Kwanten

expired movie poster

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