The hidden credits dialog changes the end of section 7

Station Eleven episode 7 ends with Elder Kirsten’s message to Frank. Six short but important words spoken in the credits elaborate on the last minute.

The end of Station eleven episode 7 is completely changed by hidden credits dialogue. The HBO Max limited series tells the story of an apocalyptic plague from two perspectives: the first collapse of global human civilization and 20 years later, the beginning of a new society that the survivors have intertwined. Both periods are shown through the eyes of Kirsten (Mackenzie Davi), an actor who survived the beginning of the pandemic as a child.

IN Station eleven episode 7, “Goodbye My Damaged Home”, the young Kirsten tries to get Frank Chaudhary (Nabhaan Rizwan), one of the two brothers who saved her life in the beginning of Station eleven‘s pandemic, to come with her and her other brother, Jeevan (Himesh Patel), when it’s time to leave Frank’s apartment. Kirsten waits next to her door and asks him to travel with them without realizing that Frank has been killed on the other side of the door. Twenty years later, however, the older Kirsten understands what she did not do when she was a child. At the end of the episode, Kirsten finally allows herself to let go of that piece of her past and says out loud, “Goodbye, Frank. “


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However, Kirsten has one more thing to say at the end of the credits, which gives a new meaning Station eleven section 7 ends. Voted viewers may have noticed that Kirsten adds her message to the past and says, “Thank you for letting me stay here“Even though Frank is long gone, Kirsten unites her survivors’ guilt with the gift of a new chance at life that Frank and Jeevan gave her when they took her in. What was self-loathing and pain for the longest time is finally translated to love and gratitude, proved by her recognition after the credits.

For 20 years, Kirsten blamed herself for Frank’s death. She thought that if they had gone a day before, then Frank could still have been alive. With the wisdom that comes with time, Kirsten releases her guilt and recognizes that Frank probably never would have survived outside the apartment. Frank’s war injury made it difficult for him to travel long distances, and it is likely that he would have succumbed to the elements shortly after departure.

What does Station eleven so heartwarming (and heartbreaking) to the audience are the loving relationships that are not formed by blood relationships but by the deeply ingrained shared experience of survival. People are brought together by adversity, and when times are tough, the lives of those who choose to help a stranger are enriched. Frank enriched his life by welcoming Kirsten, and hers was enriched by his kindness.

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