The Hills: 10 biggest betrayals in the show

For young adults growing up in the mid-00s, the favorite reality TV series was MTV’s The hills. The series was technically a spinoff of Laguna Strand, follows Lauren Conrad and other attractive thieves-somethings through the professional and personal life of Los Angeles. The series was a huge hit for MTV and recently a sequel series, The Hills: New Beginnings was released.

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The hills was mainly considered to be “guilty pleasure” television with the “reality” of the series largely written script. Finally, The hills originally lasted six seasons on MTV. Over the seasons, there had been many fights and betrayals that have lived on in fans’ memories ever since.

10 Whitney snatches The Paris Internship

the hills whitney port

In season 1 of The hills, Lauren is offered an internship at the Paris office for Teen Vogue. For someone who wants to break into the fashion industry like Lauren Conrad? It’s a big case and a big step forward in her career. She would be crazy not to take it, right? Well, Lauren did not take it because she reunited with Jason.

Whitney Port, Lauren’s friend, went in and got the Paris internship for herself. The worst part? Lauren and Jason parted ways in season 2 of The hills. So nothing but heartache for poor Lauren with this betrayal.

9 Justin Bobby

Why did Audrina Patridge stay with Justin Bobby for so long? The couple was largely the definition of an on-again, off-again relationship where the drama was an endless cycle. In the end, Justin Bobby betrayed Audrina in one of the worst ways imaginable. He was unfaithful to her when he was caught arguing with someone else.

Audrina somehow went home with this guy. Seriously, their relationship was an endless roller coaster of drama that everyone, including Lauren, wanted to stay out of.


8 Stephanie and Spencer’s family feud

Stephanie Pratt looks surprised at The Hills

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were largely the “villains”. The hills. But looking back on the series, they were all pretty toxic to each other. One case where a “betrayal” was blown totally out of proportion was with Spencer and his sister, Stephanie. In season 4, Stephanie arrived in LA and ended up becoming friends with Lauren. However, Heidi and Spencer were very out with Lauren at the time.

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In some very unpleasant scenes, Spencer tells his sister that he does not want to be friends with her. He also makes fun of her in front of his friends and taunts her when Stephanie cried at a party. All because she “betrayed” him by having a friend he did not like.

7 Audrina’s accusation

The Hills Audrina Patridge

It’s hard to be someone’s new friend when they meet one of their old friends. Audrina ended up moving in with Lauren and Lauren’s boyfriend (and formerly) Laguna Strand co-player) Lo Bosworth. What continued was a competition between Audrina and Lo to get Lauren’s attention. Unfortunately for Audrina, however, she could not keep a light on the shared story between the couple.

Eventually, Adrina and Lauren grew further and further apart. It got to the point where Audrina accused Lauren of being the second woman for Justin Bobby. Lauren was pretty disgusted at the thought, and their friendship never really recovered.

6 Heidi’s mother is being too honest

Heidi Montag Pratt The Hills: New Beginnings

Family drama on reality TV is really some of the most awkward in the world to watch. Nothing is more awkward when a family clearly does not agree with another family member’s decision. In season 6 premieres on Bakkerne, Heidi goes home to show her family her new look after plastic surgery.

The downside of this trip is that Heidi’s mother hated what her daughter looked like. It was certainly a betrayal of Heidi, who was hurt by the lack of support from her mother.

5 Was it always written?

The Hills Cast MTV

This betrayal was less about the cast of the show and more about fans of The hills. The series, which led up to its finale in 2010, had some persistent rumors about how everything in the show was fake and scripted. In the final finale of the show, it was (sort of) revealed that yes, The hills was definitely the script.

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When Kristin Cavallari shares a tearful farewell with Brody Jenner, the background falls and reveals that it’s a set. The pair high five like costars and show the end of the show. Fans, some who defended the show against the accusers, freaked out and not in a good way. To this day, there is still a battle raging if the series finale was a cheeky nod to the rumors or a revelation that the show was definitely the script.

4 Kristin breaks the girl code


Lauren Conrad left halfway through season 5 of The hills, which leads to Laguna Strand‘s Kristin Cavallari joins the cast to replace Lauren. Kristin, however, was not here to make friends and influence people. While Audrina was in the “off” phase with Justin Bobby, Kristin decided that means he was fair game, even though she was kind of friends with Audrina.

Needless to say, both Audrina and Stephanie saw this as a betrayal of the girl code. As Audrina said, “It’s girl code. You just do not go there. ”

3 Lauren fires Stephanie

Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Conrad- The Hills

It’s awkward when people have to work with friends because work drama can easily spill over into friendship. In this case, Lauren Conrad was put in the awkward situation of having to fire her friend, Stephanie Pratt. Even though their friendship survived this betrayal, it was still incredibly awkward to watch.

The moment Lauren said she wanted to help Stephanie find another job, Stephanie just started sobbing. While this is not the biggest betrayal in the series, it feels genuine enough to really hit viewers hard.

2 “You know what you did”

The Hills Lauren Conrad Heidi Monday

Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag were friends in the beginning The hills. Unfortunately, their friendship dropped from real life (and the one on screen) between seasons two and three. This led to the show’s staff wanting to milk the drama with two people who could not stand being in the same room as each other.

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According to rumors, this feud started because Heidi’s boyfriend Spencer had spread a rumor that Lauren had a sex tape. Nothing about the off-camera drama has ever been confirmed. On the show, however, this tension led to Lauren and Heidi being caught on a boat, leading to a big and final explosion between the two. Meanwhile, Lauren shouted the iconic line, “You KNOW what you did! ”

1 The betrayal of Jen Bunney

Jen Bunney used to be Lauren’s oldest and best friend. The key word here is Used. In Season 2, Jen Bunney came to LA to visit her friend and celebrate her 21st birthday. Of course, this was obviously a great way for Jen to meet some of Lauren’s new crew, including Spencer and Heidi, whose relationship with Lauren was becoming decentralized.

After Lauren gave Jen a diamond bracelet, she took a step at Brody Jenner, which Lauren saw at the time. Even? Jen was encouraged to take a step by Spencer and Heidi. Needless to say, it was a true smorgasbord of betrayal that was poured over Lauren. The friendship was definitely over.

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