The House plans to vote Wednesday to criticize Gosar, which would deprive him of 1 committee

Gosar is being censored for his posting of a photoshopped anime video on his Twitter and Instagram accounts showing that he appears to be killing the Democratic rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and attack President Joe Biden.

Gosar, who later removed the video after being criticized but did not apologize, sits on the oversight committee along with Ocasio-Cortez. He also sits on the House Committee on Natural Resources.

A no-confidence motion decision is the most severe form of punishment in the House and requires the censored member to stand in the well of the House while the resolution is read aloud. The last legislator to be censored was the then rep. Charlie Rangel, a New York Democrat, for several ethical breaches back in 2010.

Before the vote was announced on Wednesday, Gosar refused to answer questions about his tweet of the violent video while walking in silence. He would not say whether he regretted it or explain the allegation he made internally that he did not see the violent episode in the video until he tweeted it out.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she went ahead with the vote because Gosar “made threats, proposals to harm a member of Congress.”

“It’s an insult – not just a danger to that member of Congress, but an insult to the institution of the House of Representatives,” Pelosi, a California Democrat, said Tuesday on Capitol Hill. “We can not have members who joke about murdering each other as well as threaten the President of the United States.”

The move to criticize Gosar follows a lack of action from the Republican leadership in the House. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who did not comment publicly on the Gosar episode earlier this week, noted that he had called the Arizona Republican after the tweet, which then deleted it, but he did not explicitly condemn Gosar’s behavior. McCarthy also said that Gosar had explained his actions during a closed conference meeting on Tuesday morning and that his explanation was well received at the conference, according to the participants.

“He did not see it until it was published. It was not his intention to show any harm,” McCarthy told reporters. “What I said to the conference was (we) cannot accept any act or demonstration of violence against another member.”

Some Republicans have called on the GOP leadership not to act, including the Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, who said McCarthy’s inaction is “indefensible” – especially as Republicans call for punishing the 13 GOP lawmakers who voted for a two-party infrastructure bill.

“Our party needs a leader who will stand up for what is right and stand up for the truth, and stop trying to play those games,” Cheney told CNN. “The notion that leader McCarthy will not fully condemn what Paul Gosar did on several occasions, but that he seems to be entertaining this move to push the 13 out of their committee, I think it is indefensible, moral and ethically, and it’s insanely political. “

This story has been updated with further developments on Tuesday.

CNN’s Melanie Zanona and Manu Raju contributed to this report.


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