The independent cinema boldly promises that it will not implement the Covid passport system despite fierce criticism and the risk of a large fine

An independent cinema has shamelessly promised that it will not implement the Welsh Government’s Covid passport scheme – describing them as “the last nail in the coffin”.

Cinema & Co published the announcement on Facebook and argued for new rules for cinemas, theaters and concert halls was “unfair and killed the entertainment industry”.

The Welsh Government insists that passports can play a key role in keeping people safe.

But Cinema & Co has promised to “take a stand” against the new measures, claiming they are “discriminatory and illegal”.

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New rules came into force this week, resulting in the Covid Pass in Wales being extended to cover cinemas, theaters and concert halls.

Cinema & Co said it “will not implement the junk and unnecessary Covid passes”.

The Independent Cinema is the latest venue in the city center to announce a direct stance against the Covid passes with The ‘perch’ is also making a difference last month.

In a post on their social media, Cinema & Co said: “Dear customers. As an independent company, we will not implement the junk and unnecessary Covid passports here in Swansea, Wales as they are illegal, a violation of our human rights and discriminate against them. , exercising their right to bodily autonomy.

“Covid passports do not give freedom, they take it away.”

The decision has been met with criticism from people.

Sian Beth Hart said: “Very disappointing attitude and may well backfire. The overwhelming majority approve and have received their vaccines, and it is therefore unlikely that they will visit a place that trumpets the anti-waxer brigade.”

Others, however, praised the decision, hoping it would encourage more to follow suit.

The decision was made by Anna Redfern, who transformed the place into a food and drink place earlier this year after ongoing fights with lockdown.

Anna Redferm, owner, Cinema & Co, Swansea

Now, the latest Covid Pass rules have been left unwelcome by the 45-year-old.

She said: “There are companies that circumvent the rules, people do not use them properly, and the sheer knowledge that you have to have one of these deters people.

“People do not want to come for this reason, and that’s why I wanted to say something and take a stand.”

“Businesses live in fear of losing their livelihood and I’m in the exact same situation I did not want to pretend to comply anymore with fear,” she said.

Cinema & Co. Pillow

As a single mother of two, Anna, she has lived in fear for the past year and would take a stand to prevent the rules from spreading to other industries.

“If this is the hill I’m going to die on – then this is the hill I’m going to die on,” she said.

“I stand up for what I believe is not fair in any way – it kills the entertainment industry and hospitality is still the next thing – it’s in the rules.

Anna described the new rules as “discriminatory” and argued that her business has been repeatedly hit over the past year.

“They keep changing the goalposts, they keep putting up more obstacles, and I have the right to earn a living, it puts food on my children’s table, and I’m a single mother, it’s been extremely challenging to handle all this.

“There is a huge element of discrimination in these passports and people do not have access to their rights, we are in 2021 and we are discriminating against those who have chosen to exercise bodily autonomy.”

“It just does not really suit me, people from all walks of life are welcome in Cinema & Co.”

Welsh government regulations state that companies must carry out a risk assessment before opening, and this should include whether a Covid passport is necessary and how it would be enforced. Fixed fines can be imposed on companies that break the rules, with the maximum fine for repeated business violations of £ 10,000.

In connection with the announcement of the Covid passport last month, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said the scheme was introduced after cases of coronavirus had risen sharply.

He said: “More people are getting so seriously ill that they need hospital treatment.

“We hope this action will help reverse the development of this delta. None of us want to see a return to restrictions, but if prices continue to rise, the Cabinet will have no choice but to consider raise the alarm level at the next revision.

“Let’s all work together as a team to reduce the spread of coronavirus and keep Wales open and keep Wales safe.”

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