The Jaw-Dropping Shadow of the Colossus Fan Art depicts a deadly encounter

A fan of the beloved video game Shadow of the Colossus created an impressive illustration of Wander’s iconic battle against the giant known as Gaius.

And from The shadow of the colossus managed to capture the scale of the iconic video game with a compelling piece of art.

The illustration, created by @ Max58Art on Twitter, depicts Wander, The Shadow of the Colossus’ playable character getting ready to throw himself over the game’s third boss, simply named Knight. The impressive image deftly captures the sense of scale experienced in the encounter; In order to beat Knight, also known as “Gaius” by fans of the game, players must climb up the great warrior and attack his weak points. This kind of fight is a theme that is seen throughout The Shadow of the Colossus’ meetings.

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@ Max58 is a visual artist who has illustrated striking interpretations of several beloved games. Besides The shadow of the colossus, the artist has also created works inspired by Metroid Dread, Silent Hill, and Dark souls. Their compelling pieces are available for purchase as prints through their own online store.

Gaius is widely considered to be one of the most memorable boss fights in The shadow of the colossus. Due to his humanoid form and ability to use simple weapons, his design stands out from many of the game’s other opponents. To overthrow the titan, players must entice Knight to attack with his giant sword, using it as an impromptu bridge to climb up on his arm. From there, they will have to climb around his body and look for magical seals that indicate his vulnerable areas. These include one on his stomach, another on the back of his left arm and one last point on the top of his head.

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Originally released in 2005 for PlayStation 2 and developed by Japan Studio and Team Ico, The shadow of the colossus became an instant cult classic. Players are tasked with finding and killing 16 giant colossi in the hope that their deaths will revive a mysterious woman known only as Mono. Wander, the voiceless protagonist, has just a sword and archery set to reach his goal, accompanied by his trusted horse mate Agro.

The shadow of the colossus proved to be such a resounding success with both fans and critics that a high-definition remake of Bluepoint Games was released for PlayStation 4. This version of the game was launched in 2018 and had reworked controls and a wide range of upgraded visual settings and graphic options.

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