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The Justice League may return to one of DC’s most criticized stories

A moment between Superman and Wonder Woman suggests that DC will repeat the events of Act of God, their most controversial story in decades.

Warning: contains spoilers for Wonder Woman Evolution # 1!

That Justice League have seen lots of memorable events in their time, but one of the more controversial episodes will possibly be re-watched by DC soon. The strongest team in the DC Universe is no stranger to universe-ending disasters like those seen in the various Crisis series (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Final Crisis, Infinite Frontier, etc). But in a world where both Superman and wonder Woman losing their powers (along with all other heroes), what can the Justice League hope to achieve against … an act of God?

JLA: God’s action was a 2001 miniseries in which a mysterious light deprives all meta-humans of their superpowers and special abilities, and essentially turns them into ordinary humans. Exactly what caused the heroes to lose their powers is never explained, although the series strongly suggests that the event was actually an action from God, and the story is mostly about how the superheroes adapt to life without powers. Most people do not welcome the loss: Green Lantern gathers in her apartment, Superman gives up heroism to live on a farm, and Wonder Woman bullies to pray in a church instead of being a superhero without powers (something she did very well in the 70s).


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IN Wonder Woman: Evolution # 1, Wonder Woman and Superman meet high on top of a mountain. The two realize they haven’t talked to each other in a while, and Wonder Woman realizes how relaxed they have climbed to the top when she remembers the couple encountering mountaineers some time ago. “They risked their lives for a view like this. And we stand here as if it were nothing” says Wonder Woman. After Superman agrees and understands that the two have a responsibility to use their powers, he sets off to take care of another matter, leaving Wonder Woman alone.

There are lots of aspects that fans detested God’s action; the heroes acted wildly out of character, the lack of power was inconsistent (Martian Manhunter’s powers are inherent to his species, and while Booster Gold still has his technology-based abilities, Green Lantern does not), but Superman enters into a relationship with Wonder Woman it was legendary last drag. Writers sometimes see the two as a more ideal match than Clark and Lois, but the pairings almost always fall flat. This quiet conversation on the mountain, along with the topic of forces, suggests that DC is once again ready to remove the said forces from their heroes.

It’s important to note that lots of stories have already been told in the DC universe about superheroes losing their powers and behaving heroically regardless. But a planet-wide one permanent loss of abilities has not been seen since God’s action. Whose Justice League facing a similar threat, they will finally find out the exact reason why their forces have been deprived – and in that case, Superman and wonder Woman realize that even without powers, they are not right for each other? Only subsequent editions will tell.

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