The Lost City Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know So Far

Paramount Pictures is soon releasing an action-packed adventure film with a romantic comedy twist and an A-list cast. With a manuscript written by Aaron and Adam Nee (The last romantic) along side Oren Uziel (Jump Street 22) and Dana Fox (The wedding date), this cheesy fairytale comedy will definitely give you nostalgic 2000s-rom-com-vibes.

Do you know those steamy romance novels whose covers are tastefully adorned with muscular men in wavy shirts and magnificent wavy hair? Maybe you read them yourself, maybe you saw them tucked away in the bookcase at your aunt’s home when you and your parents were visiting one summer. Either way, they probably stole some kind of your innocence and gave you a very skewed expectation of what romance is really about. We have all wondered what the people who write these steamy stories are like and how they get their inspiration for their novels. The latest Nee Brothers directed film, The lost city, dives into the novel fairy tale writer Loretta Sage’s rather adventurous life when her world is turned upside down. She and her cover model, Alan, are caught in a wild kidnapping attempt that causes them to fight for survival in an island jungle. The two end up on an epic journey with howling funny awkward circumstances, where the author’s latest novel becomes a little too real.


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Is there a trailer available?

Paramount Pictures released a trailer for the adventurous romantic comedy in December 2021, which started with silly jokes of the lead role and gave viewers a sneak peek into the fun jungle scenes.

When’s The Lost City coming out?

Paramount Pictures, originally scheduled to be released in April 2022, has since pushed the date up to March 25, 2022 to the delight of eagerly awaited rom-com fans.

Where will The Lost City be available to see?

In 2021, Paramount released various films for selected cinemas, while others skipped cinemas altogether and were released directly to the Paramount + streaming service. Their latest release, The lost city, will only be released in cinemas. Although it is likely that the film will eventually be available for streaming, the studio has not yet released any announcement on when the audience will be able to watch the film from home.

What is the action in the lost city?

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Loretta Sage lives alone, eats meals at a table for one and writes her steamy novels from the comfort of her bath with a glass of chardonnay in hand. While her personal life is not that adventurous, the topics for her stories are. Lovemore and Dash, the star-studded explorer duo who happen to find themselves in spicy situations during their dangerous journeys, go through wild adventures on the pages of the coveted books that Sage writes. Meanwhile, Loretta herself struggles with the realism of her writing and struggles with frustration over her cover model, Alan, whom she sees as nothing more than a beautiful face. Alan gets attention as the sexiest man in his profession with fans flocking to him for selfies. However, the model wants to be seen as more than the character he portrays.

Sages most recently published book, The lost city D, gives her an unwelcome offer from a very rich man. The crazy and legitimate billionaire known as Fairfax reads Sage’s book and thinks she may be the person who can help him find the treasure hidden in the real Lost City on which her book is based on. After her refusal, Sage is kidnapped before being flown to the jungle and forced to help Fairfax and his crew find the missing riches. Unprepared, but loyal, Alan gives his character Dash’s confidence and sets off to rescue the missing writer in an attempt to prove he is more than his muscular build and charming features. When Dash arrives, he brings with him a trained, skilled adventurer who takes the lead in her rescue. With his robust good-looking appearance and flowing blonde hair, he seems to be the real embodiment of her novel’s brave character. Although he is skilled and determined, his help for their survival does not last long, and Loretta and Alan have to fend for themselves as they fight their way through the wilds of the jungle. As the unlikely duo try to find a way out, Loretta thinks she might actually be able to solve the case of the missing city’s hidden treasure. Will this fantasy writer and her unqualified rescuer be able to outwit temples trapped in temples and get to grips with the case before Fairfax and his team? Or will they swim with the leeches?

Who is the cast The lost city?

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Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum starring as the writer Loretta Sage and the devilishly beautiful Alan. Daniel Radcliffe assumes the role of the villain Fairfax, an uncommon character for Radcliffe, who has branched out into his character types since his early days of wizarding star status. Brad Pitt portrays the wildly beautiful son of a weatherman who rescues the distressed girl Sage from her prison guards. Da’Vine Joy Randolph is Loretta’s publicist and best friend who travels to the jungle in an attempt to save the missing author. Oscar Nunez of Office (USA) must appear in the film and portray an as yet unnamed character, along with Raymond Lee and Bowen Yang.

How did The Lost City land a Brad Pitt Cameo?the-lost-by-sandra-bull-channing-tatum-brad-pitt

IN The lost citys trailer viewers see Brad Pitt get really close to Sandra Bullock before pushing her to safety in a wheelbarrow. His character is not seen again, leaving the audience to wonder about the fate of this long-haired hero and how the film was able to capture the A-list actor for such a small role.

Bullock explained in an interview that she and Pitt orchestrated the surprising performance through an agreement reached through their joint hairdresser. In return for Kampklub star to perform in The lost city, Bullock would appear in his upcoming thriller Ball train, who plays Pitt with Joey King and Lady Gaga.

Making surprising cameo appearances is not uncommon for Pitt, who has appeared in such shows and films as Friends, Jim Jeffries Show, Happy Feet Two, King of the Hill and Jackass. Most recently, Pitt appeared, or rather disappeared, in Deadpool 2 as a mutant named The Vanisher. His power was that he was invisible, the upcoming hero was in scenes without the viewers being able to see him, and only appeared for a moment when he was electrocuted to death seconds inside his mission.

while-you-slept picture
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If you want to revisit some of Sandra Bullock’s previous romantic comedy movies while you wait The lost city, the prolific actress has plenty to choose from. Her first film in the genre, Love Potion No.9 is available for streaming on Hulu along with her 1999 film The Forces of Nature. While you slept, in which Bullock portrays a token collector in love, is included in a Disney + subscription. To If By Sea, a movie in which Bullock plays together Dennis Leary, is available with an Amazon Prime subscription, just like the 2009 movie The proposal, where Bullock plays alongside Ryan Reynolds. The fan favorite from 1998 Practical magic can be purchased on Youtube, AppleTV and Amazon Prime for $ 3.99. And Two weeks notice, where Hugh Grant portrays Bullock’s counterpart, is included in an HBOMax subscription.

Bullock tends to jump between comedy and drama films. After receiving praise for his starring role in the post-apocalyptic thriller Bird box as well as her daring performance of the sheriff who murders Ruth in the 2021 film The unforgivable, The lost city Bullock’s first comedy film will be released in four years.

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