The MCU should have explored this relationship more than it did

One of Marvel’s most underrated relationships is the bond between Wanda and Clint. For years, Clint has repeatedly proven that he has a deep respect for Wanda and wants the best for her. Their dynamics were unusual and unexpected, which is why it works so well on screen.

Between Clinton’s natural paternal instincts and his respect for Wanda, he has managed to be there for her in some truly critical moments in her life. Clint has consistently been one of the few people, besides Vision, that Wanda could consistently count on, which is especially important now that she has lost her entire family.


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The friendship between Wanda and Clint began during Avengers: Age of Ultron, when he sat down with her and convinced her to be an avenger. Clint not only managed to find Wanda and tell her exactly what she needed to hear in order for her to have the strength and courage to become a hero, he also managed to form a connection with her twin brother in the short time they knew each other.

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Pietro’s sacrifice for Clint is most likely what inspired Clint to keep an eye on Wanda after the events of Age of Ultron, but he and Wanda actually have a lot in common. To begin with, both of these heroes learn how to deal with their grief after losing their loved ones. The scene i Avengers: Endgame strengthened their connection to each other as they broke to commemorate Clinton’s loss of Natasha and Wanda’s loss of Vision during Tony’s funeral.

As disappointing as it is, none of the other heroes seemed to remember that they had lost two other members of their team because they were so focused that Tony had to give up his life to save the world. The fact that Clint and Wanda took that moment alone showed that they understood, appreciated and sympathized with each other for having undergone such a great loss.


During Captain America: Civil War, after Wanda accidentally directed Brock Rumlow’s bomb into a building, Clint was there to break her out of her forced isolation. After originally planning to sit out of the fight, Clint sat back in the game at the risk of “disappointing his kids,” but he knew he had to get Wanda out of the Avengers Tower and back on his feet. This moment proved that Clint trusts Wanda, despite what the others may have thought of her for losing control, and again established that these two have a special bond.

After the Infinity Saga, the two parted ways and started doing their own thing, but Marvel missed an opportunity to strengthen their friendship instead of throwing it aside. Both Wanda and Clint still deal with their grief after the events in Playoffs, as seen by their actions in their respective Disney Plus series. Given the fact that they are able to find comfort in each other, Marvel could have taken the time to explore their unlikely friendship further and experiment with their unique dynamics.

Wanda is still lonely after having to give up her family when she published Westview, and Clint could have used the support of someone who understands what it means to lose his best friend. Since she became an antihero, Wanda needs redemption, and no one understands it better than Clint. As a reformed assassin, Clint knows how much of a burden it can be to carry the weight of doing wrong, making him a perfect ally of Wanda as she continues to find herself.

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Clinton’s relationship with Kate Bishop also proves that he is capable of taking misguided heroes and guiding them in the right direction. While Wanda continues to find herself, Clint could very easily offer her some form of support, even though he does not know much about magic. Either way, he has seen a lot in his years as an avenger, and he has connections around the world that he could use to help Wanda learn more about her powers.

Helping another of his fellow heroes could also have been beneficial to Clint as he promised Natasha to make the most of the life she gave him. Helping Wanda in her pursuits would have given Clint a sense of satisfaction that he gained by training Kate. Now that Clint looks set to retire, it’s pretty unlikely that Marvel will work with Clint and Wanda’s friendship any longer.

All in all, the continuous build-up between the two feels unfinished. MCU spent so much time reinforcing fans that Wanda and Clint have a strong friendship, yet nothing came of it. With so many characters, it’s understandably difficult for Marvel to always flush out the hero dynamics, but Clint and Wanda’s story with each other still feels unfinished.

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