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The most serious crime of any family member

No matter how lovable they may be, the Simpsons family have committed some serious crimes. From drunk driving to treason, these are the worst of all.

Springfield’s most famous family has entertained viewers for over 30 years. During this time, they have given fans some of the most memorable TV moments and have become a cultural booklet along the way.

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However, not all The Simpsons escapades have been positive. In fact, many have been outright criminals. Whether it’s minor or major crimes, every single member of the Simpsons family has committed at least one crime, and some have committed enough crimes to land them in jail forever.

Maggie Simpson – Attempted murder

Maggie shoots Mr.  Burns, after taking her lollipop in The Simpsons

The family’s youngest addition is also responsible for one of the most serious crimes in the series’ history. During the season six finale, “Who Shot Mr. Burns,” Mr. Burns shocking shot by one of the city’s residents in one of the most underrated moments in The Simpsons.


Throughout the two-part episode that continued into season seven, several residents are suspected, but the biggest suspect is Homer Simpson. Eventually, it is revealed that Maggie accidentally shot Mr. Burns as he tried to steal her lollipop. While it would be difficult to put such a crime on a baby, it is suggested that she did it on purpose when she is seen with changing eyes at the end of the episode.

Lisa Simpson – Endangerment

Lisa Simpson in Dude Where's My Ranch episode with farm hand

Although Lisa is the family’s moral compass, it has not stopped her from committing crimes herself. Her brother takes the cake with the most petty crimes, but Lisa has committed her own crime. In the episode Dude, where’s my ranch? which is one of the best episodes from the recent Simpsons‘seasons falls Lisa pladask for a boy working on a cattle farm. However, when she finds out that the boy has eyes for Clara, Lisa deliberately wants to mislead her into the woods, causing the little girl to get hopelessly lost.

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Eventually, she changes her mind and helps save the girl, but it can still be considered a crime. Although no harm was done to Clara directly by Lisa, it does not require the accused to cause harm. Instead, by deliberately misleading Claral, Lisa put her in danger.

Marge Simpson – Negligence of children

Marge Simpson working in a prison yard in Orange is the New Yellow episode

Marge Simpson is the family workhorse. She prepares the meals, takes care of the children and generally takes care of the house. Throughout the show’s long period, Marge has experienced various periods of exhaustion when it comes to her duties, and sometimes it has gone wrong because of it.

Her criminal past is a hidden detail that fans often miss about Marge The Simpsons and in the episode, Orange is the new yellow, she commits a serious crime. She allows Bart to go to the park unsupervised, and this leads to her being arrested for child neglect. She enjoys her time in prison because she does not have to do any of the chores she usually does for her family. Unfortunately, without Marge nearby, the family quickly falls apart as Homer is unable to take care of the basic duties of the house. It seems that most of Marge’s criminal past was due to honest mistakes, such as her unintentional shoplifting from Kwik-E-Mart.

Bart Simpson – Betrayal

Homer strangles Bart in the Homer the Father episode of The Simpsons

Although the mischievous son of Marge and Homer has committed many petty crimes over the years, it is his betrayal that is the most serious of all. While other crimes, such as embezzlement of public property and vandalism, would give him a fine or a day or two in prison, treason is a federal crime that can result in life imprisonment and even death.

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In the season 22 episode “Homer the Father”, Bart decides to sell the secrets behind the Springfield power plant to a foreign nation in exchange for a mini bike. Although he has a change of heart and is able to retrieve the information before it is used in a bad way, Bart would undoubtedly be put away for a long time in the real world.

Homer Simpson-DUI

Homer's mugshot when he gets a DUI in The Simpsons

It’s no secret that the patriarch of the Simpsons family loves his Duff beer – maybe a little too much, actually. Although Homer is a serial drunk driver, he has only been arrested for the act on one occasion. In the episode “Duffless”, Homer is arrested in a stabbing after leaving Duff Brewery. Ironically, he tried to do the right thing by getting the much more intoxicated Barney to hand over the keys. Despite that, he still dumps the test and gets his driver’s license revoked.

Although losing his driver’s license is a big blow to Homer, he learns to live a better life without booze after Marge has asked him to quit for a month. Unfortunately for the donut lover, Homer did not stick to the plan and drank again at the next episode. Although Homer has committed a number of other crimes over the years, it is his serial drunk driving that is the most dangerous of all.

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