The Sims 4: How to Study Opponents

Many careers in The Sims 4 require the player to perform certain actions for promotions. How to study opponents to the professional athlete career.

There are dozens of career paths in The Sims 4, and many require the player to perform certain actions if they want their sim to be promoted. For example, in the career track of athletes, Sims are required to study opponents to get a head start on them if they want to go down the professional athlete route.

Studying opponents is a daily task that must be completed in the game to help the Sim move on toward a career career advancement for the professional athlete. There are various ways Sims can perform this task so that players can choose the method that is easiest. Alternatively, they can switch between the two depending on the situation.


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Begins a career on the athletic field in Sims 4 is very simple. To start with, Sims can use their phones to search for jobs, after which the player is given a list of jobs to choose from. From there, players can choose the athlete subject. Once players reach career level 5, they will be able to choose between the Bodybuilding track or the Professional Athlete track. Studying opponents is a necessary action in the professional athletics field.

How to study opponents for the professional athlete career in Sims 4

The Sims 4 professional athlete career path

Athletes in Sims 4 must study their athletic opponents to gain an edge over them in games. To do so, they can use either the TV or the computer. Becoming energetic is the best move for this action, as it gives the Sims reduced energy loss if they intend to multitask while studying opponents.

To study opponents with the television in Sims 4, players must select any TV and click the “Study Opponents” button. After this, players have to wait until the action is complete to complete the task, which takes about two hours in the game. Sims can perform other tasks while watching TV, so players may want to put their Sims on a treadmill or other training device to help their Sims meet multiple career requirements at once.

To study opponents on a computer, players must turn on their computers and select the “Web” option. From there, players can click the “Study Opponents” button. This action will also take two hours in the game, however, Sims cannot multitask while using the computer, so players can choose which method is best for their Sims.

Completing this task is an important part of helping Sims level up with their athletic careers. By meeting these requirements, Sims will be promoted faster, with the ultimate goal of reaching career level 10, giving the player 333 Simoleons per hour. Additionally, by understanding how to meet this career requirement, players can easily climb through professional career rankings.

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The Sims 4 is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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