The Supreme Court’s Conservative Goon Squad appears to be destroying Roe v. Wade

In October 2020, after four days of hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, would be the Supreme Court judge Amy Coney Barrett gave a series of answers to questions that various legislators still had, and 13 months later, only one of them really sticks out in the mind. Specifically, we are still thinking of the one in which Barrett claimed that she could not “give an opinion” on “hypothetical matters” in answer to the question: “Under an originalist theory of interpretation, would there be a constitutional problem with a state making abortion a a felony and thus subject women who have an abortion to the death penalty? ”

In other words, Barrett – who has called abortion “always immoral” and once signed a letter calling for an end to the “barbaric” Roe v. Wade– probably still believed and believes that there are certain scenarios where one has to go through the medical procedure punishable by death. If she did not, she could have just answered the question with a “no”. At least just something to think about when the court is asked to have almost 50 years of precedent for reproductive rights.

Per insider:

Ni dommere [heard] arguments as to whether to preserve or undo abortion rights [on Wednesday], but experts say Americans should pay close attention to two members of the court: judges Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Legal researchers predict that each of them may have a major impact in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and determine the fate of reproductive rights in the United States. “If we try to figure out who’s going to cast the decisive vote, it’s going to be one of them.” Mary Ziegler, a law professor at Florida State University and an abortion historian, Insider said.

The closely followed case is about a Mississippi law from 2018 that prohibits abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, which challenges the standard in Roe, who declared that states can not ban abortion within about 24 weeks …. The Supreme Court is ready to rule on the case in June next year, and a combination of guesswork and simple math could leave Kavanaugh and Barrett – both appointed to the tribune of former president Donald Trump– holds all the cards according to legal scholars.


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