The Trial of Magneto # 4 review

When Lawsuit against Magneto was announced, there was a lot of hype. Partly because the series clearly reveals the beloved Claremont story, but also the promise of the Lehnsherr blame drama was too juicy to ignore. And when did the scarlet witch end up dead? All the pieces were in place for an interesting Lehnsherr family story. But four questions in, it is clear that this story is not what anyone expected.

That Lawsuit against Magneto is hardly a Magneto cartoon at all – it’s a Scarlet Witch process. And it’s a great Scarlet Witch cartoon … for people whose only exposure to the character is The house of M.

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The problem with Lawsuit against Magneto its marketing is not just centered around Magneto – that much was probably not Leah Williams or Lukas Werneck’s fault, to be honest. It is that the title would like to be a Wanda story, but apparently does not know anything about Wanda at the same time. It’s hard to read Lawsuit against Magneto and think of anything but how it ignores many years of Wanda’s development since The house of M, especially the wonderful Scarlet witch solo from 2016 (and even Children’s crusade).

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto # 4

Photo: Marvel Comics (Scarlet Witch (2016))

The plot itself has evolved into something very disappointing and intricate, and it’s from someone who honestly loved number 1. It was an amazing setup that contained tons of emotion and interesting development for Magneto on Krakoa. I wished suffering Lawsuit against Magneto so bad, but it does not live up to its premises, and it feels as if it does not actually understand its characters so well. Some of its flaws feel less like the author’s fault and more like the hubris of Marvel itself, making this story a miniseries instead of X-factor‘s last bow. And finally, we get a long, drawn-out story that meanders around more than it should.

The whole premise of Wanda getting a backup from pre-M-Day is not just bizarre, it removes any emotional depth that those scenes are meant to have. Primarily, Why is the last backup Charles had from beforeSeparated? Wanda was not pulled out of being a mutant before AXIS, so logically the last backup should be far over The house of Ms events. The other thing that’s weird is when Billy and Tommy start yelling at her and saying things like “that’s why everyone hates you” and “I’ve spent my whole life defending you!”

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto # 4

Image: Marvel Comics

It’s just … bizarre. Not only were Billy and Tommy historically Wanda’s greatest masters (again, Children’s crusade), but why are they shouting this Wanda? A woman who had no memories The house of M or even their existence and was just bombarded with a “highlight wheel” of the worst moments of “our” Wanda’s life and was told “yep, you did all this and went through all this, so … accept it and keep going!” It lacks any emotional weight because this is not a Wanda who knows at all how to react to any of it – she never did.

Billy also never met Wanda before he was a teenager, so how did he spend “his whole life” defending her? It’s just sloppy. The twins’ relationship with Wanda (and her relationship with them) is so fascinating and complex, and I read this and can not help but think “wow this complicated relationship was handled so much better in Ewings New Avengers or again, Scarlet witch (2016).

There is still no lawsuit and almost no Magneto to be found in 'X-Men: The Trial of Magneto' # 4

Photo: Marvel Comics (Scarlet Witch (2016))

The Kaijus attacking the island still feels like something that was put into just to blow the series up until it became a complete miniseries rather than something that in particular needed to exist for any real plot. And again, this is part of the reason why when I read this book, I’m saying that its faults probably do not all lie on Leah Williams’ shoulders and have more to do with Marvel itself turning this event into a miniseries. It was not build to be one, and now that the final product is out there, we can tell.

The whole premise that Kaijus attacked the island is also exhausting, because now we have another case of “Wanda accidentally did something that hurt mutant cheeks, and they are rightly angry about it” – and we are still dealing with M-day fallout alone in this book, so it all feels extremely unnecessary. Wanda being a mutantkinds boogeyman is not just tiring, I have to wonder who myself like that.

That’s the case The lawsuit against Magneto as a series … I have to wonder who it is to. Definitely not Scarlet Witch fans. Not Magneto fans (he’s literally scarce in this). Not X-Men fans who are tired of reclaiming M-Day and want something new and exciting.

At one point, Scott says “we kick Kaiju in the ass,” and it just feels so out of place and weird to him. It’s just another example of how this book feels that it does not understand its characters – even its own X men some at times. It is safe not to say that Leah Williams is a terrible writer with no hold of any characters (X-Men Black: Emma Frost is seriously one of the best X-Men comics alone in the last few years), but it feels like much of this event, in particular, is a little outside her comfort zone. Luke Werneck is an ingenious artist (probably one of the best at Marvel at the moment) who brings so much life to each side, and even his work in this issue just feels like it’s not on par with his usual work. It is not bad art by any means, but that is not his usual standard.

Lawsuit against Magneto # 4 is a disappointing episode in a series that has failed to live up to the hype it started. The plot is messy and the characteristics seem a bit out of place – and the truth is that this story would probably have been better if it was allowed to be the last act of X-factor as Williams had originally intended. It would like to be a Wanda book, but it does not feel like it recognizes any of Wanda’s character development in any of the non-X books she’s been in since 2005.

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto # 4

There is still no lawsuit and almost no Magneto to be found in ‘X-Men: The Trial of Magneto’ # 4

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto # 4

Trial of Magneto # 4 is a great cartoon for someone who has not read a Scarlet Witch cartoon since House of M.

Werneck’s art, though not his best work here, is still amazing to look at

The characteristics are messy in many places

This series seems to ignore … well, most of Wanda’s character development since 2005

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